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On eliminating tariffs on industrial goods, only and would not include agriculture products. Despite US demands that they'd be on the table. Now WGN traffic, here's Mary Vanderbilt and traffic is sponsored by grandview homes, some slippery conditions on some of the Rams the overpasses this morning and some of the side streets have not been treated neighborly events. Invalid Eighty-three nervy park that bridge. There is quite a mess. I one ninety just past river road an accident volving car that drove onto the blue line tracks. So blue line now is not operating between O'Hare and Harlem as. Clear that car off of the tracks. Also on the outside of the Eisenhower Jane burn interchange. All lanes are blocked because of an accident there on the Eisenhower outbound forty minutes to fifty three involves an hour. Twenty-five already from fifty three and our ten from Mannheim. Inbound Kennedy's up to our fifteen from O'Hare twenty four from the Edens. Good news, though, the express lanes have now been reopened. Inbound Stevenson, twenty forty forty two rather from the tri-state on in the bond. Ryan accident at eighteenth is now been cleared accident on eighty ninety four eastbound at bur that was a fatal accident and investigation continues blocking the right lane very heavy on fifty seven most of the way in from one hundred and fifty nine also accident Niles Dempster and Milwaukee one hundred and fifty nine in Crawford. Another crash Elgin as well. Chicago street near twenty five grandview buys homes. Grandeur will buy your unwanted home in little ten days. A family home, a vacant home or an unwanted rental. Grand? You buy Soames in any condition. No need to do repairs. Not even a clean out. Visit grandview homes dot com for per. Traffic on demand traffic Chicago app proved by the mortgage experts team hochburg just search T R A F F, I X Chicago. I'm Vanderbilt from the life or death, Illinois dot com traffic center. Morning sunshine gives way to afternoon clouds today, maybe some late day sprinkles a high near fifty sprinkles tonight, otherwise partly cloudy, low down to forty two mostly cloudy tomorrow,.

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