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So it was just so it was just it was. It was actually transcendent the way everything worked. Jimmy, did a great job putting everyone together, so I entered ucsd people. And then I came out and and I I was ready to do my bit man. I was ready to play with slash and Jimmy, and we laid into. And I did all right, I, I'm proud of how I did. I wasn't nervous. It was an amazing experience. That's what I'm trying to say. And for those of you who are wondering if I was going to choke or whether I was gonna follow through or whatever I followed through, and I feel pretty confident with how I perform. The one thing I realized is that I am a, I am a guitar player. I'm not a professional musician. I do not have the range of the chops to be a professional musician, but I can. I can. I can lay down some pretty good, booze rifts and I can rock out a bit. But these guys, these, these, these men and women. On the front lines of performing music for a living. That is some that is some fucking skill man, and I and I and I love it and I envy it and I'm an off it. It was an honor in and very exciting thing for lifelong guitar. Guy like myself to trade licks with Jimmy vino and slash it was it was exciting. It was like a goddamn ride that you didn't want to end really, you know, you get up there and and and you're doing it and it goes by so fast and then and then I was sort of like woke, can we now that I'm relaxed. We do a couple more numbers in my head, but that was my moment that was my time and it was. It was definitely a high point, a high point in my life in a lot of ways to I never thought I'd get to do that. It was great. It's an on-demand world people. You can get practically everything on demand like this podcast, you listen when you want, not when anyone tells you to no matter how many times I say do it up and.

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