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He's bound booklets that Dickinson copied her poems into and sewed with kitchen twine, some of her poems were published in her lifetime. But they changed Emily's plan rhymes and gave the poems titles to make them more conventional, and that's not how she wrote her poems. My life had stood a loaded gun in corners. She called him bulletins from immortality. You know, a bolt would come down sky pardon. She was given this message people have wanted to turn her into nice lady poet, a romantic version of her that is not untrue. It's just probably partial. I'm Brenda Hillman. I am poet. She did stay in her room. And she did have what she refers to as her white election, but he on her white dress and going upstairs not going out anymore. What choice did? Did she have in her time? She couldn't have gotten her writing done by being the spinster in the community that takes care of bodies coming home from the civil war goes on being a nice church lady in she wrote seven hundred poems in two years. I mean seven hundred for Pete's sake. This poem six six eight by Emily Dickinson, nature is what we see the hill the afternoon, squirrel. The clips the Bumblebee may nature's heaven nature is what we hear the Bob link the C thunder. The cricket may nature's harmony nature's what we know yet have no art to say so impotent our wisdom is to her simplicity. She actually would right on chocolate wrappers, right envelope. Poems sort of in the flotsam and jetsam of her life. The words move in the fragment of that paper. This poem was composed on the back of coconut cake recipe. The things that never can come back are several childhood some forms of hope the dead superb Lanson, prematurely, her cooking and her poetry. We're one the way in which she gave friends not only points, but gifts of cake, they were offerings attentions. That's what people call them between houses when friends gave something that they had made in the kitchen in the bedroom. These secret spaces where she could be alone or with her own select society that really was freedom. When Emily Dickenson bakes bread. There's something almost ecstatic about it satisfaction of creativity. In one of her early letters and eighteen fifty to her best friend by a route. She says twin loaves of bread have just been born into the world under my auspices. Find children the image of their mother, and here, my dear friend is the glory. Act to the soul selects its own society. There were two kitchens and Emily's life. She lived in a house on pleasant street next to the cemetery, and that is the kitchen where Emily learned to cook. How to make bread how to make desserts how to make wine her mother largely teaching? Oh, the mother and the parents really both are very old fashioned. They think they have such a small family. The girls can do everything. It's good training for them. Emily Dickenson or sisters at boarding school. Her brother's gone who's managing three meals cooked meals a day on the table and washing the dishes. She would start a letter it would take her another week or so to get back to it. She had this drive to right. And she was so th ward it, that's when the lobbying starts to hire a may've wanted to hire a girl or woman who is capable of doing the entire work of a small family Edward Dickinson Amherst, March seventh eighteen fifty I'm Yvonne Murray, author of made his muse how servants changed Emily ticket since life and language eighteen fifty five Emily was twenty five when they moved in. Into the mansion this demanding household. Her father was a leading lawyer. The mother was not well, she turned over the social and housekeeping regime to her daughters. Emily missed the pleasant street has terribly. She said I'm out with lanterns looking for myself within months of that move the first long-term made Margaret O'Brien who's an Irish emigrant comes. She's there for nine years. There's an immediate impact Emily has time to think in right when she felt more confident about herself as a poet, then house became more hers with her garden was the proximity to sue when Susan Gilbert came back to town after going away to school, Emily Dickenson enter brother Austin, both fell in love with her..

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