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Are now listening to relations and relationships with black diamond yells. Joe Girl Diamond. And I'm here with my ladies. I have not racist right on up over here. Say Hey okay in all the way from the bay area I got my cousin. Meet up over here says People's through I right and I also have missed an off and on at lady apple sweets. He was good. Is your girl right tonight. We wanted to go ahead and speak a little bit on love it or listed. I want to start with you Miss Apple. What what would you think about that? Eleven in or less than it. I mean I guess it depends on long alright. I came across the specimen at the grocery store. Mitee earlier he was that on. Belair getting some sandwiches and I never brought my next look man this man. That was less as to sit out of that. They only from behind. She caught the whole face. In Rate I was like damn look how to back look. I'll purposely walk all the way to the other side of the dam. Sumer just the face as likely me see because the back was like asking. How do they get girl? Let the brother was very good. Heavens we sat there locked odds of my mouth halfway drooled. I was like Oh my God you could see me blushing from behind seizes me. Why won't we down to the village? Band was the most taste is I can't opt man. Jesus mercy yeah that was right. There was pure less sinful world. Budget pieces prefer low. Because I I love love and so I definitely prefer live like my sweetheart in Stockton Taibbi. I'm in love with him. It's all cupcakes and lilies and walking through the field holding hands. It will not GonNa do that so good but yeah I love Kinda girl. I love to love Doug over there. This is apparently on. Which is that you prefer prefer would look for a short shit right short and sweet and then find that line not yet. We all yelled get Armenia network. We're going on. What IS THE LINEUP. Organ? Would working our way up. Having resumes are a package deal is a lineup. And I'm going to find minds the real one. No Bullshit now. No disrespect nine. Oh Fuck Shit. Real love loyal. Respect all ship meek. It is going to get her here I am. I'm now please believe that. Well I prefer love of course who would in but right now when you bend delight so many different situations. I don't mind just less may for many. Hello Ma'am gotTA worry about my not call you that the next day. You Ain't worried about me like like doing your niggers like y'all doing us we hidden in two thousand eighteen critically plane. I'm talking I'm talking about like ship. Email they do nats do they do? But they that's all they're going to let them know they can't respect and understand when we do it. She begged her they do have. That's what we talked about the eagles and they say the man's world but we all know that it's not a mishit without without a one ladies and that's like less than I would not have a problem with a Nigga. I tell them it is what it is. I won't he a are straight out of Mickey Mouse. If I need them I see him and I like him and I know for a fact that I'm GonNa fuck him. That part right there see him over there. Yeah I'm GonNa do that for each other afterwards. You don't care about that no good you WANNA button. So that's what you gotta do a little up. Sorry I'm seeing that part fame single. Don't act like Eagle I I am. I'm seeing England all the shit out. Give them trust me for a reality. I'm just having fun. I'm a meat MA MR okay but some men make it. Seem like females act like them they want to consider a whole die or if there's any other and that's really what I really hate. Cuz I'm older. I'm thirty five. I loved what you people. A Lotta people in my day but you have to understand. We're grown so I shouldn't have to be able to count all how maybe we'LL WATCH. Have Mess live because we all grow but we all make mistakes. But I don't need to be in a bath of being a whole but these next thing hold in that I you know for this Nigga hit they only got the whole 'cause they man McNamara what yeah just had this thing on my show that we do like why you know the stereotype between a man and a woman you have seen sexual mental parties and it is like for the mail you feel me you get you get Kudos. Had It on your get called play camping all within Goodwin for real and not only that you get entourage entourage the Knicks. They WANNA be around. You WanNA find I get emails. And he got females wondering why you got all these feels like what's in the package and then you got curiosity. You know what I'm saying but then when you would a female best doing a singer amount of things. She dirty she nasty. See a Thursday legacy. Give it up to everybody. Nothing rash by phone. You know like like this is just. I heard the difference was because beamill have to actually lay down in open later that we have to welcome someone insulated guy. They willing to go. Hey No Orion. The female is sitting there with her legs. Close in you in squat and want to eat that thing. We ain't opened it tempting us right win the devil Nigga or you just in their money your own business and the first thing they say is a lot easier shit out show. I'm sorry me personally take. It had always less beat on. How many of us had ever talent down hit. Have you ever? I've never there's no I have. I have in the beginning the first time or the second time because of the first time it was so bad he did it a second time. You told them No. Oh well like if I've never turned it down the first time it gives you a track you know but by the end of the rain. Now I've had my men approach me like Joe was good. I just WANNA eat your place. He was going to do that like right now and water to offer. Let's go but the other ones. I'm lying You can't just walk everybody and say that being busy right. I want to open issue. I was younger and I held out like twenty five. Twenty seven all. He wanted my book. That's all he wanted to do. And I got tired of it like that all day every day. That's what he wanted to diligent. As I want to eat time but I am people people not enough people say that but when his like I promise I really like this I d I really got tired of that was all com- yeah but still you know they wanted.

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