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Neighbor just home from the war complains about the noise of people screaming taught in the wire. Get me out of here no I I guess we can assume that the skiers are yelling and noisy. It reminds him of Charlie no fortunates maybe he's got PTSD. Of course we know now everyone from Vietnam had ptsd and he complains to local authorities and there is a noise ordinance and that's finally thing shuts down snow. Valley is one broken vet but it wasn't going well anyway after how long. How long was the run in two to three days? Oklahoma had skiing for two three days in the winter of nineteen. Seventy one and people still talk about this day the the Did he dismantle all of the the huddle houses and and the rope tow from the description of the concession stands out houses that can be knocked over by a single skier. I Yeah I think it was probably pretty flimsy. Anyway it was like the train cars of the region today. If you go there the you know the brush and the trees have grown back on the hills you can still see the flat area. That was great for the parking lot. But there's really almost no sign left of the three days of unhappy painful skiing. It is there any record of how many people actually bought a lift ticket during the during the three day run. I would love to know how many people were. There was it. Fifty was it. Five hundred it was is enough to make enough noise that we still recall that that bothered this private but yes but also enough that there there are still some locals who remember the summer they got to work at the popcorn stand for three short days and that concludes Snow Valley Oklahoma Entry One one. Eight to J B two four one nine certificate ticket number one seven three nine eight in the omnibus. It also hopefully concludes the POKEMON deal for Dell Fox E. X. agreed on x and the evil. Tom Hayden Unlikely event that you grow up to be normal. Adult facebook twitter twitter and instagram are archived at Omnibus Project. Hayden if you want to know more about your friend. Dylan's father you can go to his twitter account at Ken Jennings and if you'd like to know more about me a scary other adult you can go to at Jonrak you'll learn a lot and maybe it will help you grow. Maybe the wrong things. Also you can go to instagram and see just how scary I am at John Rocker. You can email US Hayden. Do not email us you. We know where Ken lives. And I don't want to hear from you at the omnibus project at G. Milta- if you're on facebook which has a young person I'm sure you're I certainly not. There is no kick page for omnibus. I don't even think there is kick pages or pages but Hayden. I would suggest that you tell your cops and robbers playing parents to go to omnibus future. LLINGS facebook page and hang out with other adults that liked to play fun games. You could take tick tock break open a facebook account hidden. It wouldn't kill you. You should go around to all your friends and collect different things that you would like to give two.

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