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Superhero for him. By the way weaned. Goeman go man of yes sir. The whole stick. I guess the question is like we're very very high here. Yeah that's that's the level of our production last question as edmonds. Do you think will have a bigger role in two thousand twenty one that he had in two thousand twenty yes. I definitely think it'll be a bigger role hill but it will be. It'll be frustrating every once in a while you'll think you had the guy and then the next game it'll be disappointing for you that that week. Nine game against miami man's going to bother a lot of people you know. Twenty five carries seventy hearts. Like was a bust all right. So let's talk about free agency. Gimme your biggest winner. Nfl free agency so man we just did. Our another footballers talk free agency of like you know we're boring and not it hasn't been very spicy like honestly the biggest winners aaron jones of getting a contract of pretty substantial value like. He's he got enough money that when he's done he'll he'll be paid nicely and his fancy value is fully intact that he's going to be a top five. Running back is passing. Work is probably gonna go up with jamaal williams out of town so like biggest winner to me is aaron jones. If you wanna talk about someone who's like the scenario around him changed drastically. My biggest winner will be terry maclaurin as you have ryan fitzpatrick who is fantasy. Football superstar view fantasy football players. Love ryan fitzpatrick. And for good reason. I mean like the dude got swag levels. That are just immeasurable. And he's willing to go down the field. We don't have alex smith checking it down to jd. Mckissic fifteen times a franken game. We have someone who will actually stretch the field and on top of that. Now curtis samuel. He has an actual real high level number two on the other side. So you get those two guys and a tonio gibson with a. I'm not saying ryan fitzpatrick's elite. He's he's he's not only quarterback or he would be able to hold onto a job for more than a year and a half but he's good for fantasy football so the person who like dysentery was really changed. Its its terry for me. Jaime it's interesting people have different views on adding that second wide receiver. Let me throw back to mike. Actually make more sense. Oh why is it not bad. I guess if burma chlorine that they added courtesy maclaurin had a twenty four percent target share last year. So you think he's a winner even though. The quarterback upgrades huge. But you're not concerned about the samuel edition. No i mean. I think he can still sustain that. Twenty two to twenty five percent target. Share that courtesy. I'm not gonna come in and steal that away there were. They were still throwing two other players. But i'm a big believer in the better offense. I want i in especially when the team has like two main options. I know logan thomas as there and long time. This is getting disrespected. Incredibly over this offseason for what he did last year and what he could continue to do but now you have two main guys right you. You don't have three. You don't have the dreaded four so just the fact that the offense is better more scoring opportunities. A defense has to respect curtis samuel. If you look back where the way. That ron rivera used. Curtis samuel was not really like he was. Sammy was used last year. During the breakout he was the nine route guy. He was the guy who was always stretching the field. So kyle allen could miss him under throw him overthrow him and we all just freak out and get really mad Every single week..

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