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The debt ceiling legislation without a ceremony in the Oval Office that averting a potential debt which could have plunged the country into recession the deal limits federal spending for two years and suspends the debt ceiling till after the 2024 election the bipartisan plan was hammered out in negotiations last weekend between the president and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Democratic Congresswoman Mikey Sherrill of New Jersey says that bipartisan a approach is what people want we've come out of some of the most partisan times in our nation's history and the majority of the country I think senses that that is not how to things get accomplished that's not how Congress should work. Congresswoman Sherrill was speaking to ABC. China's Defense Minister Lee Shang -Fu struck a defiant tone while speaking at the Shangri -La dialogue in Singapore blaming Washington of stroking confrontation through its support of Taiwan while building military alliances in the region Lee's comes on the heels of a dangerous situation in the Taiwan Straits when a Chinese warship came within a reported 150 yards of colliding with the US destroyer. Lee also mentioned once again that Taiwan is part of China and that the country's military would not tolerate any incidents that would lead to a divided country. Lee though did strike a softer tone at the end of speech his saying that quote the world is big enough for countries including China and the US to grow together. interview In this an weekend from Singapore with Bloomberg Television Australia's Defence Minister Richard Marles says it's possible to an be ally with the US while also having productive relationships with China. Marles though did express concern with China's military built up in the region especially without any reassurances as to the purpose of it. Australia finds itself in a situation many nations do which is to have a military alliance with the US while maintaining ties with China's economic engine. India says a faulty electronic signalling system was the reason behind the country's deadliest rail attack accident excuse me in almost three decades. The number of dead stands at 288 with crews clearing the mangled wreck the off tracks. An express passenger train collided with a stationary freight train with both then being hit by another express passenger train which was traveling from the opposite direction. India's outdated rail system is one of the largest in the world carries that hundreds of millions of people each month. Thai Airways is preparing to begin talks with aircraft manufacturers to purchase 30 new wide

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