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That's when they started the random piss test on over over a black flung and it wasn't a black tongue. It just had like a speck of black on my tongue like the side where shoot and that was it from fucking two tablets and i was like this is what you know. Demonize is me for the rest of my life. I was like what what drug what drug that you can take off. The streets turns your hung black. Like serious louis. Whatever it was you sure so had it right now is so. He wasn't sheridan either gut right so limited man and i think my mom was even more upset because they were accused me. Doing a drug and my mom was like bitch. He's not doing drugs. She didn't say bitch. I think she wanted to. She probably would want to slap the one But i was like what makes you like where the trump marks whereas the burns fingers from the glass like where. Where'd you get this assumption. Drugs your tying is black. That's all it takes to know that. Somebody's on drugs anyway. Lessee holy shit. People talking in chat not good got diagnosed with cancer and my neck before another doctor discovered. It was a sec. The infection grow in my neck. I have seen that not in the net. But i've seen where people have Had some type of Boils deep in their in their tissue And it's actually an infection. But they were diagnosed with cancer and come to find out like you said may him it was. It was just a fucking infection When it started getting migraines by doctor wanted to do a spinal tap from an injustice because he said no one result with migraines. Wow that's bullshit. Yeah with there i call bullshit on that now is over twenty years ago. Twenty years ago people were throwing you probably about twenty years ago when the wife's hers is really bad when she's in the service. Yeah so all fucking. He can't get out the dow house and you think that's real in down the driveway and getting drugs rule and let me tell you what i'll do. What's that was that scene. How high Half-baked that's what it was. You take you call. We'd an addiction. I differ coke. I've seen him a love of all movies across the board and also that one right there. The absolute best call weeden addiction. I suck dick for cope. Every time bob sagging stands up. Does that i lose it like it doesn't matter how horrible of a day i'm having how sick i am. I'll fucking laugh my aunt so here let me pull up my dali drug ads on just order you dump mississippi said he just posting. I have people not joking. And i'm not gonna ever out them. But i have people that are like yo. You want some gummy this. I'm like i would if i could. I ordered me some weed. Awesome tacos with special. Lettuce may do good lettuce. What i'm saying. Nets shredded lettuce. Yes the type of lettuce that currently medicated all with a touch of ranch dressing wa z. Wound and kaka mood doubt black. We've got somebody in cyprus. He'll not the band dodd mendon. We're the fuck is mendon. Is that new york. I was just too busy dealing with marriage. Methadone institution to be on here. Sorry not laughing at that. I'm laughing at the fact that that's the reason you ping ring. Oh god we love you. Whoever you are. I don't remember your name at all. Never forget now. I told you guys all about it. I was put in an institution five separate times not proud of more mullah to say how things on only been five different occasions. Mulpha sergeant word flew over the cuckoo's nest five times. You're maybe that's where i was shit. Dude i'd jump just now realizing we're not come may maybe we should. Maybe we should remake one flew over the nest and put you in jack. Nicholson just change. Twenty percent of it and we can call it hours. Pay for the right then. My trips to sykora sound like a netflix. Mini series on a mini mini series. I was gonna say a mini series. Where each episode lasts for three hours. Dr mayhem knows talking about you. Probably saw me one of those days off a bend shit. Whatever stadiums then. I'll hopping around you speaking mental institutions and things of that nature. How's the family doing more dog since you guys moved. Oh great man actually As i currently speak my house is full of seven girls for my daughter's slumber party for two birthday so just outside of the room on men. They're going nuts. And you.

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