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Fast Twenty, twenty one, it's going to be the fifth year of forecast the decentralized libertarian. Camping Festival that I saw you here and there during Lucas I was there. I technically. Participated right on. I like how there's like a pork I there's a fork fast and then there's probably going to be a fork fest to another pork fast probably I. I learned there's going to be one that happens before the porcupine freedom festival next year called Somalia fast eight work a fork fast were there actually I guess tech. Simile. Festus fork some Malia fast. It was a renaming of of Somalia. Malia. pestis back. Correct Somalia fest has report. So they say, yeah. Well, we'll see what happens is the long way to go between here and June twenty, eight through. July. Fourth of twenty twenty one. That will be the week for four of the week where it's just forecast. Is June twenty eight through July fourth we did it for the. First. Time this year after the Porcupine Freedom Festival the first three years it had happened prior to so this year and. The porcupine freedom festival is our lead in into forecast which culminates in a weekend with fireworks and you guys played some music did a live concert the Fudd Band Fud, which you can see that live concert in full over at the freaking Youtube Channel Serie, check that out. But again, Mark Your calendar June twenty eighth through July fourth. What better way to celebrate independence day that being around other free minded people here in the Shire it's a great way to get a taste of what it was like Luke risk joining us again here from we are change dot. Your Longtime Porcupine Freedom Festival attended yeah I got banned from Canada and I had nothing else to do. I. Didn't know anything about the Free State community. This was all the way long again. Two thousand was a two, thousand, seven, two, thousand, eight. I don't remember exactly but I remember going up to cover the G twenty in Toronto going up there to the border getting stripped naked having everything in my possessions out every little. Canadian. Side or the US side, the Canadian side, the high I'm telling you the connects they're up to something I. Don't like them I'll be honest with you. There's some weird people I know a couple can look Jeff Berwick Josh cigarettes in Dan Dick's all short in stature and extremely weird individuals. By the way I'm also very curious about Somalia Gusta because a great guy, I love those guys sometimes not really but. I'm really curious about Samaya Fest because me and Jeff Berwick. We've heard the talking point. If you don't, you know you don't if you want anarchy, go to Samaya me and Jeff Barak, went to Somalia. Did you really? Yeah we went to Mogadishu Somalia. So I'm wondering about this Amaya Fest and if it's going to be anything like we experienced look If, you haven't seen the video it's on, it's on our Youtube, channel? If you type in. I forgot the title, but we are changed in Mogadishu Somalia. You can see our adventure tell. There for few days, we had to hire a mercenary group, no job protection for protection we went we had a couple of guys with AK47's following protection from the warlords baseball. There's a lot of internal conflicts and fighting inside of Mogadishu specifically there's different zones in different areas but one thing we found out one thing that we really really people needed to wake. Up to Somalia is not a place with no government. Somalia is the place too many governments and we have the Turkish government, the UAE Saudi. Arabia the United States africom Jerry Can Kendall. All of them have their forces all of them have certain sects and groups of individuals that they send arms do. So there's there was a crap ton of weapons given to Somalians. And because of the social economic conditions there a lot of the people that were armed by the supposed goodguys sold the weapons to the. Bad guys now shop all they're really fighting for. It's for territory the tax. That's essentially what the whole. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. So there's all these governments, these interests in Somalia luckily, we were very lucky because the road we're on the day of there was. Explosions there were four explosions in the city. There's usually one exposure, one major terrorist attack or love. Usually you're on a road with lucky because we were on the on the road not at the same time when they went off, they were a little bit later but we went at a time where usually there's like one major terrorist attack within two weeks. The day we were, there was four separate bombings. So it was definitely surreal experience. You definitely 'cause you know Jeff Jeff Jeff Berg crazy person. And he's like everyone keeps telling me to go to Somalia Luke, let's do it. It was interesting and it's not what people. It's not a land of Utopia end. Free. When they tell us that they don't think essay land of Utopia and freedom the land of no government. Essentially to me that's. Jesus, I assume personally. Knew that it was going to be a hell hole filled with finding warlords. Yeah. Exactly. But for me, the idea of no government, I'm sorry express myself more concrete idea of no government is beautiful idea. But that's not what we have in Somalia and so. It has to be. Sort of this evolution of thought that gets us to the point of having no government. You're not going to have that beautiful vision if the current system has just ripped away because the people want government sadly that's the world we live in right so that will re manifest and it may remain effect in a much more authoritarian version. If you strip away what you know, we currently have down so people. have to have whatever kind of thought renaissance to get to the next level of Oh, this is a really bad idea like slavery was about idea we need to get rid of it, but unfortunately were nowhere near that given that what was it? Chris Sununu the current governor here in New Hampshire has a eight out of ten people support what he's doing for covid rating I mean we are in the Very small minority, not only in a minority because we're libertarians were in an even further minority because we don't WanNa wear a mask these. There's even some libertarians who are into this whole masking thing and afraid science will write this. If you put on a lab coat, some libertarians would just believe anything that you say and so so we're even more of A. Whittled down minority than than we've ever been, and like I said yesterday at the voting location, there were only ten people roughly out of like six hundred as of may be around five o'clock or four thirty in the afternoon. So most of the day had gone by that refused to wear a mask and and even you put a mask on for convenience sake. To me, it's a very divisive issue that works perfectly in the hands of people that want to see common average people fight each other. So I think this whole issue I. Mean I. I take it for what it is. I mean I think it's a big kind of sigh up. I think it's it's a big issue that is distracting us from the larger context of exactly what's happening and It's really the larger economic ramifications what the Federal Reserve. Starting to feel yeah, and again, people need to understand these larger economic ramifications. Felt immediately, they're going to go through a certain amount of time and then the whole huge waves going to hit all at once, and there's going to be a lot of pain and suffering, and that's why an idea of we are change was always being the changed. You want to see in this world but most importantly now I think it's critical that people become responsible for themselves become sustainable become as an individual reliant on himself because the more we are reliant on government, the more we feed government or. The most multinational corporations whatever it maybe there's a lot of forces out there that are bad. The way to prevent it is to not participate in their system and the best way to do that is to become self reliant reliance certainly the better but we still need people of land and that's one of the reasons why this is a great place to be because the Community of liberty. Minded folks here New Hampshire's unmatched. There's nothing that comes close to it anywhere in the world and you've traveled the world right. Like me, Jeff were talking to our interpreter who said that he's GonNa put Jeff. In the middle of the seat of City Hall and whip him because he wanted to y. About being an alcoholic, very hard time. Look thanks for joining US bigs are always welcome to come back and see us here free talk you guys are heading out on the town. Are we're GONNA talk about the Halloween story finally coming up here in moments and other crazy news as well you can join US plus this is free talk live. Remember when you first heard about bitcoin..

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