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Shuckers fumiko kifah no longer go keep or a number one number three can you clay the ad who would you start in russia tests tagging on neue stop nunu saw jim doesn't matter who it will start you live has made up his mind that noise fits enough and he'll be the number one and of course you stop i mean i'm this he concedes three goals against saudi arabia on friday night and three of them mistakes there's just no way that no i would go to the world cup and stuff so the decision has already been made only if something really dramatic happens has taken beating number considering the fulco problems that would suggest they signed who would you suggest for next season allison what would you pay for long embarked bounded about yeah you wanna go home check just wishing i had two million trivia wouldn't be by allison but would you be buying shot a one ticket to what seven seven one that was a middle late the family relying very good the wives well wisher happy birthday now to do this questioning rafferty's he's going down espn essay back tomorrow shack office wise birthday alleys traveling to columbus you'll going to win chicago how all be here with trade what are taking friday everyone.

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