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If you already have an APP you can now add voice to it. James Shelbourne Auburn. The Senior Product Manager for Allen Discusses. How the company came about how they're helping a particular industry save time and money by simply adding a voice option to their existing internal APPS APPS and how developers can start using Alan now to add voice to any APP? Hi inside voice podcast listeners. This is your co host Kerrie Roberts and today my guess is is James Shelburne. The senior product manager for Allen the platform that makes it easy to add context based conversational voice assistance to your application welcomed James. Thanks for being here. Thank you for having me Jerry. Happy to be here. So let's start off with the history of this company. The founders and the company name Allen. Come from a very interesting place. Can you tell us a little bit more about it. Yes so our company is named after Alan Turing. He's the famous computer. Scientists who deciphered be `nigma machine in World War Two you know helped get victory for the allies and he asks the question can machines think and so we're kind of rephrasing phrasing not into Kenya application thing and that's the whole premise. Alan in adding intelligence to existing applications with voice so our founders founders are Ramaphosa Kara and Andre Riot and Ramu previously. You know his Oracle veteran you are on the parallel survey were there and he founded Dan. The company quick which was the first version was during the first version of video streaming on mobile devices. It's kind of before the iphone in facetime. So that company ended up being acquired by skype and Andre. Ri- other co-founder Work John. That was him in he. He's the one who built a lot of the video streaming components of it so he also worked at the Russian social network classic. And he's the real genius behind our technology wonderful now. Can you tell us a little bit about why you think boys can improve the experience of existing applications that are are out there. Yes so voice in existing applications. It's taking all of the functionality that they have and making it available at any he time from any different screen so not all mobile. Applications are easy to use as instagram. Day Are GonNA especially in enterprise. They're packed with functionality and Plexiglas a lot of screens a lot of tapping and touching typing on the mobile phone. It's just kind of in general hard to do. And so is unlocking the power of those applications by letting anyone just be able to talk to them to get work done to access functions while they're driving rather than have to touch the screen it can just talk to it and the screen is providing a visual feedback so they can easily continue it conversation there in what we'd seen in kind of existing voice ecosystem with Google home device Amazon exit vices day at least the version one. They didn't have of the screen. There is not the later came out with a show and the Google Hav and with the initial devices no screen. The user has to memorize what to say in what what to do. And it's hard to kind of keep up with it and it doesn't necessarily memorize the context or understand the context of the user so with voice and within existing existing applications. The user has some idea already of what the application does they can see on the screen. This was visual feedback. And that's why voice experience a mobile when it's supported by those existing functions is just a much better way to interact and enterprise which were primarily focused on the a user's there have very defined or close that they have to complete in so at every step. They're talking to talking back. It's a conversation and they're able to see. Alan is able to understand the visual context of the user and then we also kind of maintain the dialogue on deck. So it's a much richer experience appearance in you. Give some examples of how adding boys to APPS can help internal teams and how it's helped your clients maybe share with us some stories or some data that you we have. Yeah so it starts with the problem for Mobile Workers Right. People are not working at a desk and mobile employees and day use sneeze enterprise applications to do their work but actually there's a big adoption problem there. Where as mentioned before they're hard to use so they ended ended up just not being used in general and so the other problem there is? These mobile employees are also operating equipment. They have gloves on or they're driving living in can't easily just access application to get there. Were done with Dutch type. So voice for them is making them productive and and letting them easily just talk to the application in what we're seeing specifically in oil and gas is that workers are driving from place to place on an oilfield oilfield and they're now able to just you know. Get Information. Complete work with voice with deployments with Murphy. Oil All in Arkansas Louisiana and Texas and for them it's just made a big difference there and then also because they are entering the information on mobile rather than waiting to get back to their desks. They're entering the information at a much higher cadence in operational view. It's making sure that the the most accurate data is always in the system. Problems now also occurred there where they just write scribble note and then they take it back their desk and interested information at least two inaccuracies and human error is one of the biggest problems for these oil and gas operators. It leads to downtime which is a huge cost is for them then in other situations for field maintenance what we're seeing is that there's some turnover and what voices is doing. Some turnover in terms of employees voices. Doing for them is helping them train their employees while their employees are out in the field. And don't don't necessarily have it's era able to go through huge offering rating manual or something that they can just ask the question to trouble shoot problems and and voice will guide them as to what to do and take them through the steps to find a solution. So that's the second thing. The third thing is that the productivity that they're getting as I mentioned it's helping them at our operational levels see all issues as they come up rather than having to wait or workers the EVAC their deaths or having this problem deduction yeah and your website shows some really good videos of how Allen Alan works so I encourage people to check it out because I think it's really helpful to see and one of the things I liked that your application does. Your Voice thing is that it will recognize. I A certain words. You had an example on your website that clients name was bird and so it starts to understand that. That is the client's name when you say give me information on bird versus is the word birds the animals so I think that that's really neat. that it really is learning and improving or the needs of the company. That's using it. That's right yeah so what Alan is doing kind of behind the scenes is when a developer integrates Allen to their application. It's automatically learning all of this. You know all the different words and terminology this entire words set of that application automatically and cutting into its own unique machine learning model so understand in advance with users users going to say and then as I mentioned before it's maintaining the visual context of the user so it understands what the user is seeing on your screen all the words words there and saying okay on this screen the users more likely to ask this question and then it's also not only that visual context but the dialogue walk context of what they said last it can predict what they're more likely to say next and part of our key. Ip is that it's able to handle these complex complex words in product names often times especially in enterprises product names include words and numbers for example like easier zero seven being very hard for some other system to be able to understand that but as I mentioned that's unique Ip and we're able to understand that as well as handle different accents instead of people especially in fields right Louisiana Texas not close easy to handle and our into that as well yeah. I think it's great that you guys have really. I found a very specific niche within this space now. Roi As usual is the most ask question. Business as a whole. But certainly in terms of voice. Tech- doc how do you quantify the Roi Voice Experiences in enterprise APPS. Yes so it starts with the individual worker with voice in saving men. Oh you know several minutes to kind of an hour a day in terms of completing their workflows rather than tied going back to their desks to complete something that can just do it while the application sitting next to them in her working so when you multiply that across hundreds of workers to thousands of workers is huge are alive at scale and and voices just an efficient way of collecting information and as we touched on earlier the cadence at which people can employees in enter enter data accurately it leads to this kind of compounding effect on the operational side where managers are seeing most up to date information and and that is saving them from having to do this downtime maintenance so in oil and gas it costs them roughly forty two million dollars a year or downtime and that translates to one hundred twenty thousand dollars a day so with this information being updated constantly into their system. Just because you know that's from making it easier for the end user. They're saving that money there so for a typical operation del Recoup Recoup. You know they'll see some. Roi from voice within one month of being implemented yet which is great. How do you recommend that developers? Here's our companies. Bring a voice assistant to their mobile and Web APPs that they already have their some steps that you recommend they take nurse some technologies out there is little but fragment did in this sense the developers will be only getting one piece of what they need to build a complete solution for their existing APPs with voice. Allen is is really the only thing out there now that offers complete solution complete package to build deploy voice also tested debugged just quickly really interested on the experience later so some specific steps. I'd recommend going to our website checking out. And they can sign up for our service STU Allan Studio and so on studio is it's a voice code editor where developers can not only define commands and MM sponsors for their application but they can do with an unlimited flexibility. The voice experiences there are written in Java script so it's really disguise is limited in terms of what can be built and then also it provides this visual aspect where developers can connect the voice experience individuals on the screen so when the user wants to enter some information.

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