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And saturday and it stays dry right through sunday with highs in the fifties from cbs 4 meteorologist chris spears on koa newsradio 850 am and 941 fm we clouds and 62 degrees it has chris says it is warm right now for november but is this the dryest november had on record we ask chris spears that in he says it's not there have been over twenty other november's in denver drier than this one that just feels like it's extremely dry and even though it is dry and warm in the high country right now that could change instantly last year it was almost identical to this it was very warm very dry and almost like the flip of a switch by about the fifteen th of december the snow machine turned on and our mountains received snow for almost six weeks straight someplace has got up to you know nine ten beat of snow in a sixweek period spear says we may see some moisture by the middle of next week today show host matt lauer no longer works at embassy in minnesota public radio cutting ties with garrison keillor nbc news president anti lack notified staff of lowers firing shortly before this morning show it on the air the network cited inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace the embassy memo did not detail the allegation but the new york post says at centers on an alleged sexual assault at the 2014 olympic games and so cheap garrison keillor former hosts and produce serve a prairie home companion was fired over allegations of inappropriate behaviour us senator marco rubio not entirely behind the senate republican tax bill while the measure now includes his proposal to double the child tax credit to two thousand dollars it is not refundable against payroll taxes and rubio is still pushing for that house speaker paul ryan expects things to get ironed out it's a big week for tax reform i want the american people to realize that we're sitting here focusing on making this place work right a making people proud of this institution and serving in solving their problems republicans say the tax cuts will help the middle class while boosting the economy democrats say the tax cuts will blow up the.

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