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You can think of here. He is. Paul Hooper Oh man I love you guys. You are keys in the girl favourite and ours. Ah Yeah and it makes me feel good. Yeah people ask us about you because you're so curmudgeonly in your in your art shall we say and you are the nicest sweetest person. It's a lot of people go like. What's Paul like in person and it's like we just say he's a fuck face to so you've mcvay season? Keep your brand. You know. That's right but he has a big heart. I have a big heart. Yeah well here's what I'm learning when we have comics to the theme this week. That simple seeing is a skill and I didn't realize that you know. We all sang Happy Birthday Dan Whatnot. You're not so bad did you take music client nailed it first time for one. Take no I didn't. I took a music class in elementary school. Because you've had to. I never had as an elective. I never would have taken it but it was like fourth or fifth grade. They made us go and play those recorders flute. Type Shit hit to play that and then you had to sing in front of the class. That was one of those things. Hit a sing together which I could fake and then you had to sing solo well Ryan that. That was the test it was a big test for the. I don't know what it's called an elementary school but it was like an end of the year. I'd you it was awful. It was so bad. I SORTA refuse to sing in front of the class last like Solo. So she's like you come back. She's like she could since I was nervous. Kid She's like maybe come back like one on one after school come back and came back and I was still so jammed up. I couldn't couldn't sing in front of her. She's like just try one of those things like just try. You can do it. And it wasn't a matter of the quality of it but I was like I can't I can't i. Can't it would real collapse. And then she gave me like an easy or some bullshit. Swear to guys the only time I've seen a fucking e is a great. I swear she wrote e like my family I remember. What's this mean right? They they fail. They go from D you too. F- what's the knee and like I don't know I don't know what fucking kids problems. It the ease the note he couldn't hit. Yeah yeah but I remember. She wouldn't let me talk it out. You know like you try to talk sing. She wouldn't accept that because I get the words. If she's like you gotta try. She really wanted me to take that chance. That leap and I couldn't ten year old in the girl show. I put a little something into that though not as scared anymore. Well I took chorus because I figured it was an easy class is but then of course there is the big concert and I wasn't paying attention at all as sending notes around so I would just mouth what I think. The words are perfect. I took chorus and and I can actually sing and I get nervous. That I'm to show off. He so I took it down a notch. which is so stupid? Do you scratch your voice like a instead of like really singing. I'll half ass it so that I'm not being like a Weirdo Pesident. That's just a weird teacher notice or not. There's too many kids to no no. I had to try out and so even at half I not hitting off notes or anything. I'm doing fine but you know I didn't get any of the Solos Solos I didn't. She didn't really recognize me as a singer at all and I just kind of went into the background which is not fun at all. Oh I didn't know if the trial Oh yeah now. It's a talented. It's everybody gets into this. I saw your twitter account. I of course follow it at Paul Hooper and back in September. There's a picture of you on stage with the Great David Hasselhoff. Yes and you write been lucky enough to study under the great comedic greats of Hasselhoff. Aw people weren't with Carlin House frustrating when they put in one of these actors that just wants a little attention and it's David Hasselhoff and friends and you've been doing this for how long. Yeah it's frustrating. I mean that was like a taping for the author David Hasselhoff so they always had a celebrity host. Oh so you don't do it one time so you didn't know a few people like a few weeks later. Pamela Anderson did it I think. Sometimes they'd have like a real nor McDonald. Do it like a real comic. But he just you know celebrities that would do five or ten. Some couldn't do comedy Hasselhoff which he did five or ten minutes of common understand it. Was this weird. Stick like baywatch steamship. With like the life preservers he came out and just sorta slow motion runs. He almost he went through the crowd wasted. Some time went up rambled and then it's just no one expects too much from from him. So he's eating a hamburger off the floor. Yeah everybody I thought about saying something about it when it went on stage. But I'm just like no I don't WanNa get sidetracked but I remember during the rehearsal. They just like Oh. We're going to run through this. You're going to bring up the teleprompter and then you're gonNA bring up first comic second company so he'd bring us up your door intros and then he would stand on stage. He wouldn't leave. Leave the stage. So we're all like you see not.

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