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Top teams in the state what about monster house munster football there okay records not the bust criminal lapac woodstock months for football you gotta to go here given runningbacks qatar you know what is uh i know the point 23 like you get a little bit you know i think that a lot of folks it played football for monster you know we get a you know we we wanna see some sort of glory in on it just never seems like monster is you know the maybe they'll win six games in a year and that's like a big year or whatever when i don't know what they are right now with iran i have a feeling here may not be six games but um you know it just doesn't ever get is the magic doesn't happen you know what i mean like central to to be honest i mean trump point yet seems like there's a little bit more energy behind in hobart rules laws is already i ever in regionals regards who went yeah but into the season is a it has more excitement to it even in recent years he should cover central him you know very years and even gary west side and and monster just doesn't seem to have those big years now leverage been a long time and he's got a solid myth the do what he doesn't any any generates really good solid young men to come out of that program for the magic were just say i think and maybe at some point they'll just kind of return you know what i mean i went to a game with a couple of games this year and i just didn't feel he'll the were in the stands and weather was great and you should have felt morning wasn't there will it's it's tough at muster because so many other.

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