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With you and i think that that creates a fundamentally different relationship between the consumer and the investors in the in the network than one that we've seen before in i'm very excited to see some of these projects launch and hopefully have their users best interests at heart indeed i mean when i get into conversations with people about this who are anti facebook out i make the classic programmer techno optimists defense which is you know you get these awesome free services and you pay for them in advertising that it served you and you know would you really want to give up those free services just so that you don't have ad targeting and i always present that but the truth is that that's that's a false dichotomy because there is a wider range of options that we can explore for delivering social network like facilities google like facilities to people where it's not necessarily oh you know you either pay for it or opt out or you have to opt into surveillance there is a wider range of of interesting options that we could explore maybe the richest people in the network pay for everybody else something like that you could totally imagine you know theory and billionaires being charitable in that regard you know like bootstrapping a social network by paying for the people who can't afford it i mean i think there's all this excitement when facebook launched and i was in my early twenties in you know i think i was excited at that time that i could just look up anyone and had a crush on a girl i could like check around she's into which you know at the time no one admitted they were doing but i think a lot of people redoing but like ten years in it seems like holy smokes we gave up all all of our personal data to the system now all we're getting is pictures of our facebook like our high school friends facebook pictures of their babies and i just think that like in hindsight is like wait we gave out some really powerful information about ourselves in exchange for this utility into.

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