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Tomorrow we have Germany hosting Northern Ireland in Frankfurt The Netherlands hosting Estonia Wales hosting Hungary Slovakia hosting by John Latvia hosting Australia North Macedonia hosting Israel Poland hosting Slovenia Belgium hosting Cyprus San Marino green hosting Russia and Scotland hosting Kazakhstan now as far as qualified teams four were euro twenty twenty. We have in order of qualification Belgium. Italy Russia Poland Ukraine Spain France Turkey England Czech Republic Finland Sweden Croatia Austria The Netherlands Germany and Portugal now fi Finland. This is big. I mean they. This is their first qualification for any major tournament whether it be the euros of World Cup so this is this is huge for them. I know last euros. Euro's there were two teams that qualified for the first time I believe was Albania and could be totally wrong but I know Iceland. Last time was He was definitely Iceland's first. Time qualifying So you said that's huge for For the you know Finland as a country the finish players. Here's will get the C.. Team of Hooky during the summer which will be pretty nice. He's been having a pretty decent year on the Premier League Looking forward to it so for Automatic Matt Qualification still three more slots that are available and those are currently in. Let's see Group D where we have Denmark. Sitting on top with fifteenpoints Switzerland second with fourteen points Republic of Ireland in third with twelve points. And then next we have Georgia who's enforced but they can't qualify automatically they have eight points But but let's see. We have Denmark hosting the Republic of Ireland so you have first place versus third place. And then Switzerland will be playing against a brawl to. WHO's in last place I mean anything can happen but you know I'm betting that it'll be Switzerland and Denmark qualifying out of that group we'll see And then we got group e Croatia has already qualified But then we have in second place place. We have hungry with twelve points Wales in third with eleven points and then Slovakia in fourth with ten points. So let's let's see we have Wales playing hungry tomorrow and then. Azerbaijan will be playing against since Slovakia. So anything can happen. I mean those. Those three teams are separated by two points. And there's one more automatic qualification slot So we'll see I mean the others they can still qualify the playoff but You know I mean it's automatic. Promotion Ocean is is definitely definitely the way to go so Yeah there's still a decent amount of games left to be played We'll see who qualifies next looking forward to it Obviously there won't be Some teams that won't qualify until the end of March when the The playoff you know ends on the thirty first of March they play for all four so But for these I twenty. We'll definitely know who it is by tomorrow evening so looking forward to it finally the end of you know regular Euro Twenty Twenty qualifying with the exception of the playoff I don't WanNA leave out On the other two major confederations right. Now that are I see major considerations all the confederations are major but Africa Asia right now are also Obviously playing matches are international. Break district two purposes Asia's doing there's for World Cup qualifying all sine While Africa's doing there's for the twenty twenty one Africa Cup of Nations so There's there's been and a lot of matches I mean. Obviously you know those are two huge confederations. The basically have the same teams as you're actually think Asian may have a little bit maybe ten countries fewer than than Europe and Africa put If you're looking for matches to watch you know there's there's plenty eight when Africa today Monday the eighteenth. We had South Tomato Principi hosting Ghana the Gambia Hosting the Democratic Republic Congo My African team that I follow Cape Verde is hosting Mozambique COMOROSS is hosting Egypt. Kenya hosting Togo and Botswana hosting Defending African champions Algeria tonight. And then for tomorrow. Let's let's see. We got Barundi hosting Morocco Mauritania Hosting Central African Republic Zambia hosting Zimbabwe Equatorial Guinea hosting Tunisia Libya hosting Tanzania Ethiopia hosting Cote d'Ivoire or the Ivory Coast and Niger hosting Madagascar. So I spent a lot of time in Africa because of my previous job and so I've gotten to understand a lot of the African soccer culture. Obviously it varies from country to country three and region to region. The fans are just as passionate Some of the the culture and cultural political situation and sometimes tend to interfere with matches not as far as like on the field. But you know whether they get the kickoff times are on time or if you know games are are played in the stadiums. They're supposed to be played in. You know little things like that. I mean it's a little quirky sometime but I mean the African fans are absolutely really amazing. I mean I it's it's great to to watch games In Africa so those are some of the matches that are are you know for today and tomorrow In the you know the next while it looks like they're not gonNA have the next round of Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers until next August. Which is pretty wild? I think about it but that's good because you know we've been having too many international brakes anyway but over to Asia. Let's see they're playing all of their matches Che's for this round For qualifying the next ones. I should say The plane all them tomorrow. So it'll be the Maldives hosting Guam Syria Hussein. The Philippines Nepal Houston Kuwait Jordan hosting Taiwan Hong Kong hosting Cambodia. Media actually went nowhere that matches going to be plagued considering everything that's going on with Hong Kong now. It looks like that game will actually be in Hong Kong Iraq hosting Bahrain was Beckstein hosing Palestine Yemen hosting Singapore Afghanistan hosting Tatar Oman hosting India and India's completely like building up their their football like base with you know they they have their Indian Super League now They're just investing a lot of money kind of the way China's doing it just not on the same scale into the game within the country. Sorry so I would say look for India to over the next ten to fifteen years definitely become a much better team than they have been Me and Mar Hosting Mongolia. Lia cured republic or Stan hosting Tajijistan Malaysia hosting Indonesia Vietnam Thailand Turkmenistan hosting Sri Lanka and Lebanon hosting North Korea. So yes I mean. There's there's plenty of football for the next two days as for the Of the International League for the players go back to their National Teams C.`Mon Club teams on Wednesday one of the matches. That was was huge for for this break that I did not get the opportunity to watch But I did read about it. saw a highlighter to was a Brazil in Argentina It's the first game that messy was back since the Copa America. This past summer you know. He was suspended but he's back and he scored the deciding goal in this match. He's early thirteenth fourteenth. Minute But the the big headline aside from messy returning back to the Argentinian team. After we have suspended was I guess there was some George Atkinson some trash talking between messy and the Brazil head coach you know messy was basically telling him to be quiet. Who knows what they were saying to each other I didn't see any of the interviews But you know it's always good when mess. He's back for Argentina Yeah and then this coming summer again. There's another Copa America so It's always good to see that that rivalry between those two teams Brazil and Argentina. I mean wh when working you say Argentina one this one but you know Brazil still the champions of in South America so now the funny thing that I read this is totally unrelated to Brazil or Argentina but Corinne Ben Dema police for Real Madrid. French guy hasn't been called up for the national team in. I don't know how along I bet it's probably the some people don't even remember that he's ever played for France but The President of the French Football Federation recently said that Bensimon will never again be selected for the French national team Nothing there's some history between those guys or something that may have happened in quite read into it but Basically Benzon saying that. Oh if the president is sticking his nose in there saying that You know that I'm not going to be selected even though I could still play. Obviously he's still doing his thing for a Real Madrid He's basically saying. Let me play for someplace else. Let me me play for another national team which he would have to be released by France Basically saying that they're never going to call him up which the president has said. Even though I don't think did he a shop the manager for the French national team. I don't believe he said that but Bensman wants to be released and he would be able to be eligible. I guess because of his family or descendents of parents may be He'd be able to eligible should say to play for Algieria jury there the current champions of Africa and I think it would be ridiculous for to see Benza playing for Algebra I mean really good way I mean be good. You know he'd be able to be in a completely different tournament completely. Different continent you know I think that'd be a good thing for African football as well. I mean you know you got money Sala in Benza. All on the same name content is on the same team. He'd be on Algeria with Benza. I mean that would be just ridiculous and amazing to watch and you know something definitely worth seeing. AH The next African Cup of nations and possibly the World Cup it will happen. I think that France probably will not let it happen because I don't think they want to You know have something happened where they would have to you know potentially play against him in the World Cup But this is the first time that I can think of a senior player lease you know begging to be released to go to play for another national team. I think it'd be good. I think he should be allowed to go. They're not going to select them anymore. You know why let them sit there and Rot essentially not not play. I mean he's still playing for his club team. Obviously but I think You know why not let him play. Let him go let him do his thing. Francis is fine. Algeria is fine too but you know would definitely be nice to to see that. So what do you think about that you know. Let me know what you guys think again. Now put the contact information in the show description. So you guys can hit me up on instagram or twitter or email and I'd be interested to. Let's see what you guys think about players. You know that haven't been selected or aren't going to be selected for their current national teams. That would have eligibility for another team. If you'd think that they should be allowed Oughta go or if they should not be able to play me for example I wouldn't be able to play for another national team. I have no other nationality. No other kind of ties to any countries other than in the United States Germany but that really means nothing only. I live here because of my wife. My kids on hand my kids would actually be eligible to play for like three are- different teams which would be pretty crazy but I'm sure there's you know plenty of other people out there like that. That essentially select their national the national team from two three and even four or more Different eligibility paths. I know doc in Heard about this in like women's basketball. Obviously you know the. US Women's team is really good and There there's some I guess. The Russian League is like the biggest league in the world and there's you know other leagues and if the WNBA The US and there's some American Women that played the US their whole lives. The they're Americans. They've never been any place else but they were eligible to get other passports from other country's based on grandparents and parents and Because you know some of these European leagues they have like a limit on how many non European players can be on a team but but then if say an American. That's really good. You know has like grandparents. They were Italian or something. They can get European seeming Italian passport which basically makes them European Paean Sanal. It changes the numbers on the team. Yada Yada that was just a little tangent but I think that I don't know I I. I guess I don't really care I mean I'm I'm all about the sport I don't really care about who's playing for who I guess. As long as everything is fair and legal and falls within the rules. I don't think it really matters to be honest with you. The stuff we talk about during the international break. I'm looking forward to being over. Hello I'm ready to to go back to You know watching my my club teams This Saturday Sunday Sunday coming up speaker. It's gotTa match at home I may try to go see But they're gonNA be playing Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe is another team. That's in the second Bundesliga but they are maybe like a half an hour. Drive from Stewart west of Stewart So I mean I think that'd be a good game. Sure it'd be a lot of fans from Karlsruhe because it's so close Yeah looking forward to that in the following week store guard replaying Sand House in which is another team. That's may be like forty five minutes to an hour north of here so That actually wouldn't be a bagging to go to and I'm a member too so I could probably possibly get tickets. I don't know we'll see but I'm looking forward to going back to that. US has done their thing. You know they got the game against Cuba Germany's done their thing. They've already qualified. So now I'm ready to go back to my club team so With that.

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