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Subjects of libyan benghazi that's because i didn't do most of my work i'm not challenging that madam secretary's south carolina congressman trey gouty who gained a national profile as a result of the benghazi hearings added his name to the list of gop lawmakers who will not run for reelection with more on this we say hello to abc's andy field he joins us from washington via skype a it's a surprisingly i think long list and doughty not the only high profile part of it anti but he is the most recent one yeah we've got now about forty republicans who are either retiring or decided not to run for various reasons uh many of them were because they're afraid they lose in this election year the highly charged uh the riding the coattails of a president who has record unpopular poll members and their concern that perhaps they would be beaten in this election a decided the just call it quits and gouty gone back to the justice system he says yeah he says he's gonna returned to the justice system courses you were played that clip from uh the nineteen well this was and 2012 attacks against americans made ghazi he do remember that there were a number of lengthy investigations led by gouty of others trade gouty i they came up with an 800page report and it produce virtually no smoking gun pointed to wrongdoing biker but the investigation also did reveal the mrs clinton used a private emails server for government working that weighed very heavily last election in 2016 election as well as right up until now we're still talking about it because of this memo that the the house intelligence committee is trying to make public here a talk about fbi agents and did they do the right thing with hillary clinton and targeting members of the trump campaign candy referred to concerns that some of these folks who have decided not to return to congress may have in regards to their reelection are they more concerned about a potential faceoff with the democrat or are they more concern maybe about being out flight even farther to the.

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