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Eight thirty two ahead of election day now six days to go the president stirring up his base with promises to end birthright citizenship in this country. He says he can do that by executive actions. Sarah to prevail with the constitution. Project says that's not really the case. There's a great deal of authority. But what the president cannot do is by executive Fiat strict wave rights that are found in the fourteenth amendment to the constitution. He is not. A king the fourteenth amendment outline citizenship for anybody born in the US, it would take an act of congress as well as ratification by three quarters of the states to make that change legal experts say any executive action would likely be met with a hearty legal challenge. We're also getting reaction from a key Colorado, Republican KOA NewsRadio Connor shreve joins us live with that side of the story. Connor april. That's Republican Representative Mike Kaufman. Who's using much of the same terminology. You just discussed remember earlier this year he helped an Aurora couple. Keep unadopted Peruvian daughter working with immigration officials to do that that's been something he has campaigned on. Now, he's releasing a statement over President Trump's assertion, and he said he hates to break the news to the president. But the supreme court is not going to let him rewrite the immigration law by executive Fiat, nor should they he said, we have a constitution for a reason and the president should follow it. Reporting live, Connor schrief, KOA NewsRadio. The president has tweeted this morning. He believes he's in the right with an executive action on the issue. The president also says the case will be settled by the US supreme court and Pittsburgh FBI. Investigators struggling to find more information on the man accused of killing eleven people over the weekend at a local synagogue seems. No one really knew the killer behind the most deadly anti-semitic attack in American history. The FBI investigation continues into Robert Bowers described as a demon on social media in person. He seemed to be a ghost no family. No apparent friends and neighbors say in the eighteen months he lived at his current address. He never even open the blind ABC's. Lana Zak more details. Emerging about a plan to smear special counsel, Robert Muller. An unidentified woman reportedly told several reporters earlier this month that she was offered money to make sexual misconduct claims against Muller. Ed, cranston. Steam is one of those journalists, I it seems a legitimate until I couldn't find information on this woman. And then I began feeling like it was a hoax. I I spoke to other well known journalists who. Began feeling the same way. The woman claims the man behind the scheme was right wing radio host, Jack Berkman and conservative. Hedge funder Jacob all has also been accused of being involved in that plot interrupt who county sheriff's deputy facing charges of sexually assaulting a child following his arrest in Pueblo county. The sheriff's office has John Belk has been placed on leave without pay following the weekend arrest, he's a non certified deputy works at the county detention facility. The sheriff's office says it will not be making any other comments while Pueblo county completes its investigation arapahoe county officials do stress the back did not have any contact with juvenile's in his job. Chad Hoffman KOA NewsRadio to Colorado Springs. Where a mom has been arrested for the shooting death of her two year old son. Thirty two year old Melissa Adamson has been booked on the charge of child abuse resulting in death. It's possible child accidentally shot himself. This happened on Sunday in the strap more neighborhood a program that has.

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