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The pistol back till they responded to receivers light resistant to here is still set up on the screen for the legal Billingsley that's and he gets what a play by Jordan glass go to grad transfer for a little over a huge hit that's the second time we've mentioned Glasgow this guy's a gamer the captain third brother to play here at Michigan four time big ten all American player the one I would imagine help them out on that screen play store down in San is a great transfer grad student it is fifty third and final team for Michigan little play by glass go under the gun with Harrison is right Mexico's bell Tyson improvements we stop one this time which is down the middle it is intended target Jaylen waddle he made the catch it would've been good for first down at the Michigan forty yard line instead of school down in ten of the Alabama putting universal to make its way on the field yeah we're having good for a first down and then probably more because Jaylen waterless Selectric with the ball in his hand he hasn't had a chance to return a point yet today for once he gets the ball in his hands so dangerous he's got to catch that football that was a drop the double Judy model was one on one he won the round but he's got to catch it my poor dear will put it away takes the snap boosted away right footed over the head of Donovan people's Jones account is that the seven excellent coverage by Alabama and it's down to the one yard line waiting for it he's here is it and a ninety nine yard field in front of Michigan after a perfectly placed fifty yard for nearby as our friend Pat McAfee would say that was great for the Brandon it really was not a good point it was just an excellent point by the governor and that's another thing I want to bring up with you we know this with Dixie but he always puts the stars out there for you love when star players are willing to play on special teams and kick and punt coverage absolutely adamantly on we mentioned earlier I think it was dividing Smith I mean first round town is a second team all American down there making the shot going see Patterson in the end zone on the Michigan block lettering on the G. of that type sun Haskins on his left hip when the one yard line first intense moment hi snappy grabs it hands up or has been screwed up about six seconds across the five in a good place to learn how to the eight yard line to fourteen forty Jennings chop them down to the ankles up for a seven yard game yeah you were being generous at the one yard line that's inside the one yard line Michigan was in gun formation just tell you having been in that part of the field many times in my career is not a great racking up that's exactly what you're looking for a nice positive run for about seven there on first down four minutes to play first quarter tied at seven seven nine three transaction today on the left hip Patterson Ben Mason the feedback that is right here is this now he ends up with Sade behind the blocking of his guard has a whole long before signing Bristol Tennessee close out across the fifteen and seventeen at the nineteen yard line by Christopher Allen the outside linebacker after eleven your game for a first down from Michigan yeah it's all smoke and mirrors behind the line of scrimmage but on the other side of the line of scrimmage down field this is just all full motion Bakalar style football fan breeders in the left guard that time was out in front as the lead blocker maybe five yards downfield cutting the defensive back is actually on the left to the Patterson the shot them first on incentives nineteen and takes the snap hands are filled in a patiently waiting for a whole rules rule across the twenty yard line inside the numbers to the twenty one where Christopher Allen is there for the stop after into your game Allen is taking the spot Terrell Louis had six sacks this season he and three one six minutes of the parents the NFL football these programs typically will have a lot of their players play in bowl games Michigan especially the last several years with a handful of first round picks just another shot gun looks to the near side Michigan beds for the signals a four wide receiver sent three spread to there website single line to the right high CPU surrounded them like a fly bill Tye snap three step drop plans once let's let those they love cycle by Mike Seaver still the president makes a grand and works his way up the field inside the numbers outside the houses in the has the percent of the twenty nine with Patrick Sir ten brings it down to the waist tie tack that Patrick sedan with the tax will not to play that his father Patrick Sir can I see many times John Payne manning and Marvin Harrison that's just that double under route the little five yard in route they go with four wide receivers there I think probably just to figure out what Alabama's reaction going to be you know what they want to do the rest of the day another shot got handoff let the Middlesex already has a surplus of thirty five for your line intently jump down into the living your game Mason the full back with an excellent block before a forty Jennings finally made the tackle for first down from Michigan Mister wise I love to watch full back play but it was also a good strong run by Chardonnay the freshman right up the guy right up the middle north south no fair Dodgin may start for him six carries fifty seven yards four times is one for ten plus already Jackson back in the backfield Lucy Liu running back hybrid is on the left with the Patterson he takes the stand play action fake what the back forty the city is to the to the big screen takes it for for yards to the Alabama twenty yard line really really well once again the freshman linebacker mentally the two Giles Jackson then looked around right back down to him on the field mail route with the right back in the red zone seventy seconds left opening quarter tied at seven my son has been selected the Patterson a shot gun the two receivers set is this the way I can pay back control under pressure and it looked like Donovan people's Jones told on top of it what have been people's Jones or perhaps the freshmen were still recovered by the offense second down it was people chose to on a desperate time was able to jump on top of it as he and Christian bore bore the defensive tackle for both cutting for the football is rescued by the wide receiver Barbara was the one who ended up hitting Patterson a chart that will lose its rule the fumble and it's a loss of four yards back to the twenty three yard line yeah Jim Harbaugh is furious and as he should be that was not a fumble in my estimation that's an incomplete pass great play by Barmore the nose tackle and now they may review this play because it ended up being a loss to the twenty four for second fourteen it could be second down and ten instead.

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