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It will take a picture of your pizza before goes into the box and then analyzes the picture to make sure everything looks okay if it doesn't the pizza checker will immediately send you a picture of your messed up pizza and then tell you that they're remaking that's all really is anybody wondering how much money these pizza places have to just spend liquor they overcharging us that mud and that they can do the orbit of pizza problem here in america domino's says they'll be testing the pizza checker at a bunch of stores in australia next year and if it works well that could be rolling it out worldwide yeah but nothing really that big of an issue he could take if i could see a huge issue ya especially for the slovak uh judges lock he gets hungry the match you and you give them delivered raleigh let him as the founder colonel robert hue would use that laser stories has come in for they will do it again same time on friday millions on this a gunman jaffna does the knowingly excellent owner meaning emma comment on that end the thought his empty seats happy no one and dealer thanks to give the american derby suits and the internal album malcolm either liabilities mcdonough grade the obama donald ooh is the gigs dan his darville threepiece suits had you ealy but indeed suits although healing adam uh hopes of injury the kayla cuevas now many of them.

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