Special Counsel, Michael Cohen, Jason Van Dyke discussed on Mark Levin


Lisa lacerra, Fox News. That's what a relative of a teen shall by. A now former police officer is saying after the officer is sentenced to prison for Liquan. Mcdonald's death Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke said at sentencing and Cook County court that he was sorry for the on-duty deadly shooting in two thousand fourteen of black burglary suspects. Lukewarm mcdonald? Before the judge handed down a sentence for second degree murder Eighty-one months in the Illinois department of corrections two years mandatory supervised the judge toss him out sixteen aggravated battery counts the sentencing comes one day after another Chicago judge acquitted three officers accused of trying to protect Van Dyke says Jeff monacell the office of the special counsel. Refuting a story published on the website BuzzFeed, claiming President Trump instructed his then personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to congress about a deal. He was trying to make in Russia before he was president holding now buzzfeed's description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding Michael Collins, congressional testimony are not accurate that is critical because the BuzzFeed report laid this at the door of the special counsel saying quoting again the special counsel. Office learned about Trump's directive for Cohen to lie to congress through interviews with multiple witnesses from the Trump organization and internal company. Emails text messages and a cache of other documents trace Gallagher BuzzFeed saying it stands by its story. The department of homeland security issuing a statement after members of congress expressed concerns about safety at the upcoming Super Bowl. The deputy press secretary saying in part the current laps in government funding will have no effect on our commitment.

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