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Of Of that moment. I think just again. The intensity taken it in my hometown the poignancy of leading into the river on then the ri- easing on bringing into land of hope and dreams. Just that sense of celebration and and hope and promise It was it was pregnant and the core them. He did born in the usa and born to run bike to bike. I thought i'd died and go into heaven to fight to bike I remember as well just us being there and of course following lawrence's death right. They played tenth avenue freeze. In of course they had the montage of the moments with breasts and aren't santana interjected there and just the cried. Even though such an energetic lively so The craig was very stealth. Actually during a almost why lose moments on and breaking into spontaneous applause when the bagman joined the bounds and everything to slow sharing for that moment And this was also then the show that i think during american lands. Which was the last song that jake injured himself on. I believe the next night. He ended up playing a sykes from from a wheelchair. Okay i have no idea what happened. And maybe a little too much guinness consumed so you stand of the night shows. are removing shows. The second one was a little bit closer to home. So it was an belfast. Right in belfast. Almost a year or just over a year after it was july twenty thirteenth. I'm for that one. I took my dad all nice. This was my first ever concert. Sealife music performance from a big artists ever before so so Because i think probably for the full year had been riven being like you have to go and see brisk the next time versus here. We're going on. I think i remember that. Show probably the best because this was during the time where in european shows he was sometimes coming andean. little pre show acoustics right So i remember santa my dad. We've gotta get there super early. We've gotta be standing in line to try and get in on. Of course he's thinking this is mountainous. The show doesn't start until like five hours time. are we do. It was sweltering as well. It was absolutely boiling heat waves on all of a sudden the lane started moving on. We like being levin the surly. This.

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