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Most people go it's not as it's not okay all right max van let's see it's june fifth through the seventh see what else they got they're probably going to have some other memorabilia from the star wars movies and stuff like that and if you spend three hundred eighty five grand on that bike you're you're never gonna lose i mean you're you'll sell it for five in three years if you if you want it didn't calabasas and a few other things here we have a groucho marx tailcoat worn in the opera that i brought up groucho earlier charlie chaplin military dress from the great dictator do they have any estimates sometimes they'll put estimates their logo we think it's tough with this stuff like with cars so this go between four hundred and five hundred and fifty thousand bucks they have their estimate they've estimates marks estimate i have to look at as coming up to by the way brian you didn't consider greece to all your young michelle pfeiffer such an oversight all right you look up some of those estimates should we guests on the tailcoat and guests on charlie chaplin and i'll tell you guys about truecar i got a tip for you how about you remove all access way carpets clean your windshield did that this morning took a little road trip cleaning windshield nice don't deal with simple green by the way very hazy bat big mistake get glass cleaner here's another tip you might not know truecar also helps people get used cars with certified dealer network and nationwide inventory of nearly one million used cars enjoy real pricing on actual inventory and it's a simpler buying experience whether you're going new or you're going use you gotta go with truecar you get that deal you lock it in you get your certificate and you enjoy faster buying experience by connecting truecar certified dealers who are competing for your business as well so when you're ready to buy newer us check out truecar enjoy more confident car buying experience some features not available in all states but i bet you don't live one of the states all right let's do one more are we going to get out.

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