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Here on seven ten ESPN presented by Progressive Insurance guests appear via the shell. Pennzoil performance line. Coming up at ten thirty. ESPN's Steffano Shero will join us if you're curious as to. How sports are GONNA, come back Major American team sports. The MLS is going first. Stephanos the only reporter for ESPN who is in Orlando at the MLS bubble. We'll talk to him about what the hell that's like. Because every I think every major American team. Sport is going to be watching the MLS pretty closely, so we'll get his. I guess thoughts on how everything's going. How many how many tests sees dealing with how much ours astros flared up right now with how many tests he's dealing with, and there's a lot of stuff there to discuss with him including some L. AFC stuff and some galaxy stuff, but. At Eleven fifteen area Hawaii is gonNA. Stop by because there's big news in the UFC. Moskva GonNa Fight Kamara. WHO's one on six days notice. It's big fight. I'm watching that thing. I'm buying that fight, so we'll get into all that it's all brought to you by straight talk. Wireless running on the same networks as the big boys for fifty percent less get the unlimited plan with twenty five gigs is be. Be Dead in two G. for forty five bucks a month, no contract, no compromise, straight talk wireless I burn. Bergman I got a couple of things for before. We even get into. There's some stuff. The Lakers that I want to get into here in the first segment. There's stuff ad said. There's some stuff on ESPN DOT com about the Lakers, but before that you apparently had a great weekend except for the. Of Your weekend, what happened at the end of your weekend so last night? I decided that it would be a really good idea. C, E, an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's half-baked ice cream at eight o'clock at night. Wow. Why would you eat that much? That's a lot well I mean the way that I thought about it was I was? and. It was kind of melting that it walk it back and so we was already kind of going down so I might as well just finish the whole thing and then. You know that didn't work out so well for me throughout the night or this morning or maybe in fifteen minutes right? So. Don't do that. People don't eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's half-baked ice cream at night. Yeah Dude. Like what did you think that you should eat a whole life? They honestly it says that you should eat I think.

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