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This is 3rd and 18 at their own 17 rattler empty gone deep drop just a four man rush rattler sliding to his left and runs right into the Kansas State Defender Kali Duke hammers him off flag is down as well. Redler sect. Back at the 12, and that was a covered sack. Great secondary discipline by Kansas State Force that covered sack. Boss up time for the rush to get the holding defense number. Wait. That's why it Hubert Big 12 defensive end Sure why he's holding is a defensive, right rush, right? He's a great pass rusher. What? I'm not sure what he's holding about. No reason the whole when your defensive end rushing the passer, so 3rd and 18 has turned into a third and eight Oklahoma at its own 27 trailing Kansas State, 38 35. Clock rolling at three minutes here in the fourth quarter. Rattler in the gun. Three receivers left stocking right straight from stepping up in the pocket hit is he throws into coverage? It's incomplete, high throw intended for Theo, always at the 35. And a J. Parker, the senior corner from Borders Bill Oklahoma. About 2.5 hours north of here from Bartlesville makes the play defensively. And Oklahoma has to.

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