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Free. Is this like general woman asking General man just Yeah, It's not that deep fried. I know I'm missing the point when I asked this question But when I see a guy type l O R. Yeah, l o. L If it doesn't, you know. Yeah. I don't know why that is nothing. Let me see. Do you searching my messages to see if I've Oh, l I don't know what it is, but l a well just seems very feminine to me. Okay, um Eminence. Who is that? Nick wrote one Nick Nick Road in a low Well, that's because he's from a different generation like I'm talking about, like Buddy Ryan. Real middle age guys. Typing. L O l like I feel like you age out my mellow well at 30. Maybe. Okay. Well, in that case on Lee, one of the people nephew does it But that's fine. I don't does that. That's fine. But like Guys that air 45 typing l. Oh, well, I don't know what it is about that, especially if you're if you're 25 you get a text message. I mean, I'm right younger, right? There's that too. Yeah, I didn't even think about that. But that makes sense. Do you think we've got a break? But do you think that Ah other We're going to hear from other teams. Women for that work for other professional sports teams or because I think this kind of stuff is not just limited to the Redskins. You said this earlier and I think that this is a said State of where we are when this came out. It was like this. Oh, That's all. Now I mean again, it's egregious and these guys are going to be punished. Those you know this. These guys are losing their careers for it, and in some cases, rightfully so. But I thought it was going to be much more damning. But you know a corporation. It is indicative where we are because we've seen this same story come out about numerous work places in the past two or three years ever since the me to movement began, and we're so desensitized to it now because we've heard it so many times in point, And we're like, Oh, we've got an ass like a wagon and places that it would be unexpected. Like high tech companies that are supposed to be so woke this whole time. Yeah, it's sad where The football team. If we saw this story four years ago, we'd be like, Oh, man, but we've heard it over and over. We have to do the Ellen. We have to do the Ellen story cause that's not a great place to work, either. Apparently, But again, Alan is apparently not the person Who's the Who's the horrible person culture, But it's a culture. Yeah, and it's her name on the show, so she's got some. You know, people are putting some responsibility on her. We'll talk about that weekend back Gary and Shannon. Burbank has closed down San Fernando Boulevard two cars to make room for tables really fun experiment. Urban press winery founder Giovanni Di Andrea says he's been pushing the city to close down the street. And he's planning to take advantage of the new space. With more tables in a band can't go the movies can't go bowling. And get a haircut but live music Burbank but down the road story, Tavern operations manager Brian Slott says. It's been pretty bare bones during the pandemic, but claiming some street space is cause for optimism. If there is a good enough reception for it, we will bring on more people to San Fernando is closed to traffic between Angelina and Orange Grove Likely through at least labor Day in bourbon, Chris and Carl. Okay. Fine news news Brought to you by Mike Diamond. The smell good plumber. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is called on Congress to pass another massive corona virus stimulus bill by the end of this month. Onthe Mnuchin told a House hearing. The next round of stimulus spending should be focused on businesses that have been hardest hit by the ongoing Corona virus crisis. The US has set a record for daily new confirmed Cove It 19 cases. More than 77,000 new cases were report across the country yesterday. That's an increase of more than 9000 over the previous daily record, which was sent last Friday. State fire officials have blamed another major wildfire on P Genie's power lines. ABC is Alex Stone says so called Kincaid Fire in Sonoma County last year destroyed 374 buildings, the latest fire to be linked back to PG and E, which has agreed to pay out billions of dollars for previous fires. In the Kincaid fire. Investigators say power lines went down in strong winds. Sonoma County might choose to press criminal charges. PG and E pleaded guilty to manslaughter last month for the fire that killed 84 people. In Butte, County, NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory or looking for citizen scientists to help identify planet forming discs of dust around far away stars. Anyone interested in astronomy can use the online tool called Disc detective to take part in the search. The project focuses on M Dwarf stars, which represent the most common type of star in the Milky Way. People who want to sign up can log on to science that NASA dot gov. Sounds fun from the Southern California Toyota Dealers Traffic center. We make it easy, crashing Sun Valley on the five hanging around on the south downside. At someone Boulevard. A couple of cars involved carpal and two left lanes are shut down. That's pretty slow going for you to come over from Lankershim. Little Bit of good news for you in Westchester and sometimes out of the 405 at Howard Hughes Parkway early right, clear to the right shoulder. Still seeing a bit of a rough ride for you on the south side of the four or five and so going for you through east l A. Even the lanes are clear. Up on five near Indiana or Calzone, a fresh clear from lanes, But it's Delia. Slow going driving. Come away from Grand A vista checking you're driving in the Orange County area. Caltrans crews working in San Juan Capistrano along or take a highway, the westbound side of the 74 branch of the ho toward the five. It's right lane closed toe three and seeing a bit of a sluggish drive for you there can find this guy helps get you there faster. I'm Nick Calio. Any diabetes, high blood pressure anxiety. Madge. Everyone's on them..

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