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The problem is on a long haired dog. It's a little bit more difficult for two reasons. Number one, it cakes up in there and a lot of times it'll match. Number two, it's real easy getting it in it in dog's eyes. And if you ever got medicated powder in your eye, you know exactly what it feels like. It doesn't feel real good. So this is what you're going to do. You're going to get yourself some Q tips. You're going to get yourself some hydrogen peroxide. Real cheap method. Okay, dip the Q tips in a hydrogen peroxide, but don't dip it right in the container itself in contaminated pour a little bit out in another container. Dip it in there and you're going to wipe the folds, not the corners of the eyes, the folds that are underneath the eyes where the skin flaps over and you know what there's a little bit. I don't know if how to explain any better than that, but you're going to go in those folds and you're going to wipe it out and you're going to notice you probably going to get almost like a mucus Y discharge on the end. It's almost going to look greenish like slimy. It's pretty yeah, it's pretty nasty. But basically what it is it stays wet there because they tear or they just get it wet in general and it doesn't dry because the skin is folded over itself. So what you're going to do is you're going to go in there and with the Q tip and the hydrogen peroxide. You're going to dry it up real good with a tissue or cloth. That's clean. And then go in there with just a little bit of corn starch. Now it's a corn starch will do is, you know, I have to really worry about it getting in the dog's eyes and put it in a lightweight on cake and on because you don't want it to map the face because it will map the face a little bit if you put too much in. Now what that's going to do, it's going to draw the moisture out. If you do that in the beginning, you need to do it every single day. When I say in the beginning, at least a solid week of doing it. After that, if you stayed on top of it and did that once a week, you're going to notice the odor is going to go away. Okay, so you don't have to use anything unnatural. They sell a lot of face deodorizers and stuff. And honestly, all that really does is irritate. I've seen that irritate the dogs even worse that what ends up happening is when they use a facial deodorant is that the dog starts scratching at it. So not only is it wet and slimy, but now they've irritated it and now it's infected. And the infection usually is a little bit harder to cure because if you think about it, it's an infectious breeding ground because it's wet, it's moist, it's stinky, it's dirty. So it's perfect for an infection. So don't put anything that's going to irritate it. Peroxide, a little corn starch, keep it dry. It works one, as you talk, face won't smell like a wet mop anymore. And I hope that helped Christians problem. But that's a, you know what? That's a problem that we get with a lot of dogs. And even when they come into the grooming song, we can get the smell out temporary. And when I say temporarily usually by the next day, it comes back unless it's something that's that you're really stay on top of. Can I use that on my mother in law? She has a real wrinkled up face. Yes, she can. Yes, she can. Yes, an overweight people, you know, unfolds, you know, with a fat you can add that also works with itself. And I can say that because, you know, I used to have that problem, I guess. You could say whatever you want. Enjoy a Melania on animal radio. All of us here at fido friendly magazine can't wait to get on the road again with our favorite fido. We know that it's just not a vacation without our furry companions by our side. Start daydreaming now and visit fido friendly dot com to scout out places near and far, so you will be ready for your next adventure once it's safe to travel. That's vital friendly dot com. Until then, stay safe and leave no dog behind. You're listening to animal radio, call the Dream Team now with the free animal radio app for iPhone and Android. It's animal radio celebrating the connection with our pets. We'll go back to the phones, we just a couple of minutes, but I want to visit with an old friend. And in fact, this young lady, when we started, she started a little website called petfinder dot com. Just a little bit. Just a little website then. And it turned into something really tremendous. And it is, as far as I'm concerned, probably the foremost pet adoption website that there is and ever has been. We welcome to the show Betsy Saul, hi Betsy, how are you doing? I'm fine. How are you guys? Oh splendid doing great. So you have a project called 9-1-1 foster pets. What's that all about? Well, there were several others that were working with pet finder and over the many years there were so gratified in the public's response. And I think that it's fair to say that we really raised the awareness about all of the amazing animals and shelters over that 15 year period before I was ready to move on to the next thing and tackle the next problem because I became frustrated with the pets that were never really I don't want to say left behind because that suggests that nobody cares about them and I think that the entire and will for community does care about all these pets. But the pets that never make it to adoption row. You know, the pets that because their newborn or because they're old or because they just need a little extra time before they're transported to another facility, don't ever get any kind of exposure. And so attach finder, obviously, we couldn't say, hey, this pet rescue organization is this shelter is more valuable than that to it just because it's short on time. We couldn't just that those tests always got kind of left behind in terms of our ability to really market them. So after a few years of not working on pet finder and having my fingers in some other things, I would find that when I was waking up at night, it was those guys that really fun to me when people would talk about how gratifying tight finder must have been, I would say, yeah, but I remember going to this animal shelter and taking a tour and we got to this back room. And if that is many animals were in the back, this back facility, as we're in this part of the facility, and I said, well, what are these guys? And they said, oh, well, these are the guys that are waiting, and about 25% of these animals make it up to adoption row, and they actually called it adoption row. And I just remember feeling kind of head swirly and like maybe I was going to throw up because there were only some amazing animals and so much of it is just about timing or luck or you know how it is. Yeah, so these are animals that are they could be sick or they could be, what are the maladies that keeps them from being adopted? You know, right now on 9-1-1 foster pets. We've got two groups of animals in more quantities than any other. And they are number one. Animals that are under 8 weeks of age. So these are these are your moms that are about to have puppies or kittens or batches of kittens and puppies that have no business being in a shelter and everyone knows that. And so we need to get them out of the shelter. They're urgent by virtue of the fact that they need socialization in a different way than they can get in a shelter. And also because they're at risk, right? At risk population. And so for disease and things like that, they need to be out of a shelter. The other group of pets are pets that because I think, you know, to toot our own horn because we've been so amazing in animal welfare doing what we do. There are now all these transports and rescues state to state and partnerships between the foster based groups and the shelters. But the timing is everything, right? And so we may have an animal that's identified in Dallas who somebody is willing to foster in Missouri, but the transport for that. The person that's going to drive that pet from one place to another is even it may be a purebred poodle and trying to get the total rescue, right? But we need a week because at time

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