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Five WDBO so this really interesting I was watching the I wanted. To drive has five or six o'clock news last night from channel. Nine eyewitness news and Tom Terry that whole segment, on, hurricane lane and I just sat there kind. Of marveling thinking wow the Atlantic is so quiet that Tom. Terry is. Focusing not only on. The Pacific but way out in the Pacific I mean. This storm couldn't be further away from Florida but it may be the only, hurricane action, that Tom, Terry gets to narrate. Here in the days ahead at least I hope that that is the. Case Is I'm thrilled that we've got such a quiet. Season so far in the Atlantic who's with me I'm definitely within Tom Terry I'm sure is. Not complaining, that he's not busy this. Summer you know I will. Split, to be, completely honest, here, I mean we're. In the news business we're in, the news media we we're broadcasters we specialize frankly in weather broadcasting so for all of us here there's a part of us that would love. To see a, hurricane because it would, be something for us to cover and it's it's good experience it's good practice it's but it's it's it's good for it's good for business For our business but it's really, bad for everybody else's business and and frankly leads to a lot of hard work and long nights long days so yeah I I would be. Totally content to, have, a quiet quiet, hurricane season this year with me yes Good morning it's. Five I'm Ray Caputo, and I'm. Marsha Taylor Hawaii residents you. Can feel for them they're bracing for. The massive hurricane lane. It's a category four it's expected to bring one hundred and thirty five mile per hour winds and up to twenty inches of rain as it heads. Over the islands today and tomorrow I'm hoping and praying that it, will diminish in strength and, I would be very very happy to, be, able to say well, it was another near-miss but that doesn't seem likely with. The, trajectory this coming now that is the mayor of Maui workers at Walt DisneyWorld will soon be able to take college classes. On the mouse's. Dime starting this fall the Walt Disney company is offering to pay full tuition for hourly workers who earn a college degree or finish. A high school diploma Disney is rolling out its program in phases with the first. Limited to online classes it'll be. Administered by guild education the same firm. Operating a similar program WalMart that's reporter. Daria Albinger this morning we're going to. Hear from. President Trump On the Manafort Cohen cases Trump's exclusive. Interview with FOX will air at about six, this morning host Ainsley Earhardt. Gave a preview to Sean Hannity last, night and. She says the president weighs. In on a pardon for Manafort AMAN. He says he feel. Sorry for and who worked for Trump for less than one hundred days keep in mind he worked for Reagan for a long time talking about that. Yeah just because he's associated with me and they hate me so, much now the president also, touches on impeachment saying he knows if, the, Democrats take the house, in the midterms that is what they will try to. Do, good morning five twelve now on Orlando's morning news updated weather and traffic every six minutes Thursday morning Joe we are starting. The morning just. Like we have many other mornings here in the wet season very humid of storm system to our north we'll give us a forty. To fifty percents storm coverage today favoring say the two to four o'clock hour for. Getting things kicked off and we'll. Have some scattered evening commute thunderstorms as. Well Orlando's high in the low nineties. For Friday Saturday front to the north we'll stall out around saint augustine to jacksonville somewhere in that area and give us a little bit higher moisture profile or rain chance up to sixty percent chance up and down the i four quarter both friday afternoon and evening and the same for saturday so we're going to be watching high school football games friday night and also orlando city kickoff at eight o'clock here in orlando hopefully the weather will be dried up by them but it's gonna be close sunday still a fifty fifty storm chance to wrap up the weekend they extended five day forecast four times an hour from channel nine eyewitness news i'm certified chief meteorologist tom terry all right tom it is partly cloudy now some rain that is way north of us in the far northern point of lake county this morning and moving into volusia county for us though partly cloudy it's mostly clear though seventy six landau.

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