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Heat at fox because he followed up with a question but he didn't defend mr kosten cnn so he was trashed by people at cnn he was trashed by phonies like david fromm he was trash left and right did he didn't come to cnn's defense is it his obligation to come cnn's defense is it his obligation now it's not as obligation because the president is not attacking freedom of the press he's refusing to deal with an ideologue because provocateur self promoter but john roberts felt the need later on to do just that because he came under tremendous attack by the pseudo profession called the media cut three go out before we go something happened at the press conference that i think needs addressing the president called out one of my colleagues kristen welker nbc is dishonest and said that nbc news was dishonest he also called cnn is not a real network fake news well let me just that i know kristen welker she's a friend of mine she is as honest as the day is long to call her dishonest is unfair i used to work at cnn they have five journalists there who risked their lives to cover the news around the world and to say that they are not a real networker fake news is also unfair so just wanted to add that in there so he felt the need to and maybe legitimately to defend his former colleagues at cnn then he's talking about kristen welker kristen welker i understand it is a pseudo reporter for nbc and here's how that went cut one go spent the week taking on nato allies criticizing prime minister may on her own soil i wonder if are you giving russian president vladimir putin the upper hand heading into your talks given that you are challenging these alliances that he seeks to break up and destroy see that's such dishonest reporting because of course it happens to be nbc which is possibly worse than cnn possibly possibly stop now how's this destroying freedom of the press it's not destroying freedom of the press in the least in my view he's giving his opinion many of you agree with his opinion right that's enough now why am i going through this because they happen to be spending many many hours now late at night and on the weekends and they'll be many many more studying this issue the history of the media backbenchers will do one of two things they'll suddenly jump in and do some superficial research or have somebody do it for them or plagiarized but mostly over the weekend they're very busy doing other things now that said cnn has an obligation to reveal itself cnn has an obligation to reveal itself as a media outlet for the democrat party what cnn is doing is poisoning the notion of a free press no press can be wholly objective or bipartisan or multi partisan because human beings don't conduct themselves that way and nor do institutions but they can strive to be cnn says it strives to be but it doesn't cnn has has its purpose just listen to the various hosts they're almost a conga line that pretty much dances and sings the same way they have choir there they have as their purpose to demean degrade and undermine this president now that's perfectly fine but reveal yourself don't pretend you're news operation jake tapper you're not a reporter you can slap yourself on the back and pretend to be a reporter you're not a reporter jim acosta court jester he's not a reporter the democrats love jim acosta why the democrats love jake tapper even though now and then he pretends to be tim rustler he's no tim rosser tim russert was a reporter one of a handful still in this country while he was alive tappers not tappers pedigree indicates that he's not but he's not the only one andrew mitchell andrea mitchell has spent decades trashing republicans decades now we all know this we're not stupid we are at least theoretically consumers of the news ms lsd aka msnbc aka nut jobs they pretty much reveal who they are they don't say they're for the democrat party but everybody knows you want to listen to the hard left kook she go to msnbc cnn has surrendered its news operation it's still pretends to be a news operation it can't go through a damn airport without cnn being on tv because they know they monopolize this as i've talked about over the years they monopolize it somehow some way so the president of the united states this is one of the reasons i couldn't be happier with this president he's exposed it he's exposed.

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