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Pause in the city dot work Any events coming up? You wanna plug? Thanks so much stay in, and I just comment on that. I mean, we're really got dogs and boarding right now. So we're desperately looking for additional Foster's thanks for the plug there, and we do have an event coming up on Saturday. June 5th. It's a Dallas rough Next. The ultimate disc, Um A lot of people think of it is Frisbee. But the Dallas roughnecks, which is a professional, ultimate, this team, we're going to be there at John Pearce High School is where they play their games. On and it is once again Saturday, June 5th Of the game is a 7 30 gates of 6 38. PM They're playing the Austin soul and we will be. We'll have dogs available for adoption outside there, plus 20% of all the tickets purchased Go to positive city, So it's gonna be a big fund raiser. Plus, we're gonna have adoptable dogs. Very family friendly events were outdoors, so if people are, you know, Kind of thinking more the outdoor type activities right now, because of the pandemic, it's a great event for for any and all I do. I do appreciate that. You've finally started to go into the family friendly event as opposed to your typical, You know, adults only where you bust out your gimp suit s and M heavy lots of latex. And it's one of those events or the leashes are not just for the dogs to the front hand out spanking paddles. 1st 500 people, all right, positive Citi dot or game. Russ Martin Shell afternoons 97 1, The Eagle. We're back to the rust Martin Shell. Thing. Sport is simply called ultimate. It's it's shortened from ultimate Frisbee. So what Verma was talking about with the.

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