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And flows going to be at three point shooting game if you want to win basketball championships on any level you're gonna have to shoot the three and you're going to have to have more than one player that could shoot the three maybe they'll have all five starters the way nova does but that is the way basketball is going to be played here now and forever are you a fan of three point shooting basketball do you want to see you go back to the old school is villanova good for basketball call me at eight five five two one two four two two seven and following the admira's cbs mr as e cbs and why don't why aren't we right now talking more about villanova being the most dominant college basketball team that we've seen in recent memory they're better than that kentucky team that went undefeated before fall on the frank kamensky in wisconsin they are and newsflash jay right might be every bit as good a coach if not better than john calabar where does jay reichel ranking now if he wins the second national championship at three years is this only the beginning for him is he ready to set off a long coach k ron here a lot on the table villanova's we approached the national championship game on monday night at national championship game that quite frankly i think has a chance to be real real clunker and a twenty point win for villanova you call me at eight five five two one two four cbs and again follow me on twitter at morass cbs cbs all hit on the other final four game from yesterday and we have a lot to get into a sister jean took her ball and went home and i don't know of calling a ninety four year old nun on easter sunday a fraud is allowed but we're going to discuss that anthony seem like you have something to say well first off the duke butler that was two thousand tents or almost ten years almost thank you for correct producer but i was just going to say show you the great ball movement they couldn't even catch up to the foul and i believe kansas didn't have an assist through like the first.

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