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Through the says he brought me also out of horrible pit. Alcober mayari clay out the iraq and sadness and goings and he had a new song. A shocker house in me. Thanks so see seeds every year and show trust in our because blue thing that he has done in us the whole of the pit grace that exceeds god's grace that is cleaned us up. God's grace that the spider mishaps silly since two us mercy's new every day absolutely school. Now sunday's la bible certain if you will one on thursday and if you can you to friends join us join us we keep it real. We keep it real. But all our basel on thursday evening providence flow brought up a scenario and it was true about the pastor. Just like a bomb to liberty island. Read about this for myself. Now this is the same scenario but it is a true story as read a little bit. I to get this. 'cause this this this. This is to mahar hugh and so. It's a homeless. Nobody in church and this is one of the strangest stood at the age of the parking lot is dead. He was standing near a dumpster and as the families park cars and they've had out of the cars they they know us this man you know they're early stinky address too great and he was going through the trash and so was it no. I don't believe it. This woman was for two husband. That's all we need. A bunch of homeless people milling around the church going through the trash hanging out around here and then it was one little girl. She was a little worried as you or her daddy sleeve she would say seizing this bomb. This homeless persons thirty. Maybe even mentally deranged. Maybe on draws whatever he was he will he was different. He looked different. He smelled different. He added different from those. That were going into jerry. Caps bearded stranger who valley l. daily traveling thousands evaded flannel shirt head. Too many park benches the stare at honey. He whispered and he hurried. He hurried inside of the comfortable church when they got near of course the music was playing high ceilings sanctuaries churchgoer goal was settled in. You know they got to their sees their regular season. Nobody can sit in but me. This is my seed. Nobody else to nazi know took the seat when all of a sudden the door swung open. And you know you. The homeless man the stinky filthy maybe lulu range. Maybe you'll draws came through though doors. Somebody said all no is him. What does he. he's doing. Why is he. Why is he in our the strange. You says bad full of dumpster treasures on the first q which he had just been reimposed expensive class and before anyone had a chance to react. He made it up the stairs behind the polio. Waste his congregation. This chevron straightest bowl harley at first in a low voice buttoning and removing all delays in quote we described jesus and the love. He has for all people..

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