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Commissioner. What's wrong l. Lord can we see base all tied up in the back mr. I don't go on what happened. We heard struggling joke record. Fight back told me what he was doing. So after the police take his statement him in mardi. Walk back in the back. Kim with took attack you martier with me one hundred percent. I'm going to trust you more than if you fail my trust and opens the door and there's all the goons and all loot in joker tonight put can't accomplish your goals if you're not in a position to do so he's like but you're murdered your. The joker know what's wrong with most americans mortgage. They're actually afraid to take the risks to make themselves rich. How will this issue is dick tracy at a great movie. Every saver remastered. Though now they're free. People will think less of them if they're greedy. These people get nothing. Money is good marty. He makes everything possible. Money is security around. It means you can laugh at anyone who tries to bend your will to his people. It means you can laugh at anyone who tries to bend your will to his Do you want to be oppressed all your life or do you want to be strong. Powerful independent monitors strong per no. What's marty and mortgage like. No i can't live with soap face just based just pushes them out. The window mixture the jokers seriously mature the jokers men seen near his body sill in a bunker. I must be in clear so again. Another news report in the figure in the shadows. What's what is this one more trip amidst fall. I guess it's figuring shadows like none of these jokes are funny. He's looking for something pulls out a red hood helmet decide guys. It's okay but we get the quickey like three panel. Flashback of how yes. He was the red hood than modern comics. Kid never this be a others being. This'll be on. the flashback. Will be a whole issue itself. You're right you're right. What was that they could spend is. It's okay mark. Wade's coming into clean man. Mark our words. So yeah so this figures like remembering diving into the acid coming out the quote on only puts on the red hood and the cape dancing. I guess he then i guess he robs a jewelry store but then he freaks out and realizes he's holding the crowbar. No this is how what's going on. This all can get away from me. I don't know what's going on. That's scott psychosomatic easy on ptsd from that crowbar that we send goes home and falls in the bed. Meanwhile basis the joker hijacked someway karn derails rob train in gotham in never insult. I guess they think they're gonna you know. Sneak this cash out. That's headed for the federal depository southeast. Just cancel the serial number g idiots. Oh my lord cuts this guy in like stomach opened a little slapstick. Humor little visceral A real side splitter lord but then award here we go they find a guy suffocated with chestnuts stuff in his mouth. Roasting on an open fire hammy year. Double-punch chestnuts is a term often term for an often toll joke and nuts. That's self explanatory and much so fix me you editor. I do I know it's nuts. Thank so much. That's that's pretty self explanatory jokers method. Operation is bad jokes no. He's not a comedian whose jokes are sick. Always deadly this doesn't feel right batmans. Now i know that commissioners rate what. What's wrong camping. Measures feeling gets the gut where like a ripple mirror the reflection of slightly. Askew gordon's like he seemed confused on mentioned. Barbara's name he's insane but he wouldn't dare forget. When did there wouldn't know what the and the tech the dana are you saying. This isn't the jokers. Doing who else would be crazy enough. And of course. Batman does one of his patented yet. get it never had to review that movie way i get it. I know another another Newscasts go shut up. Shut up amputated legs. Shaggy dog story side-splitting humor and off. Its my reputation. It's almost funny. Bad jokes are ruining the joker. No more than that. No more than that. Almost it is funny to scream the joke. I've gotten a joke again. The joker is back and the the joker is back in this time. He's wow d- there's that title is on what i was saying. I mean again. Modern comics can never batman four fifty. It's a joke it's a it's a joker story it's not sized. There's no special cover. i mean. Look at the story. We just read. I mean bruce wayne was on like what two pages batman was onto pages besides that. It's a joker in gordon story. That was when we had wealth lashed outside characters and villains. Remember i mean. Think about that issue. Four fifty batman was barely in it. Modern comics would never have definitely not no seriously the before times. The good old days unlike l. four-fifths. He's just number number. You know they also have the credibility with their fans be able to like take these detours ills. Okay is up into says. Well changes now. Everybody's freaking out with rightly so we had active. Also a got your batman fill offered press one dollar cry. You'll make my wallet cry. Don't make my accountant. cry of all. Listen to her of crime poverty but she has an accountant. Every adults can have an account saying. Do make me cry. One of my. How many tax loopholes. There are for the average person. Are you going to read the tax code every year. No pay somebody to do it. It's not that expensive. I'm just saying you could save yourself a lot of money. Be cryer rebound. Don't make me cry one of my many butlers. we'll have to bring me a hankie. No those are called me and servants. They they don't get paid. I'm between them right now and by doesn't my backyard look The court roses beautiful are in full. Bloom yes are batman. Four fifty one. I love this cover each time. They give it like a love. The gangster aesthetic. Sit down but i do love. The joker gangsters Nicholson inspired situation. Alright alright loaf. Merry christmas.

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