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A grain of rice. The Chinese government is accused of installing spyware on servers belonging to some of the best known tech company. Amazon is denying it. But bloomberg. News reports with Seattle company was the first to sound the alarm about a mysterious hidden microchip found in servers. The report says the fine sent shudders down the spine of national security experts. We asked longtime China analysts Gordon Chang about this reporting prize. Of course, I've always very concerned about China's penetration of our supply chain, but I was astounded by the level of Chinese sophistication again companies like Amazon and apple are critical of this Bloomberg reporting saying they were never compromised Chang says it's time to stop manufacturing items in China, which will be painful and expensive for consumers here and around the world. Charlie Harger, KOMO news house fire in Renton killed four dogs last night. Fire broke out run nine thirty in the maple hills area. Renton fire investigators to the fire started in a room where an electrical heater was left unattended on a bed by the time. Firefighters arrived at pets were found dead threat at Shorewood high school in shoreline. Leads to early dismissal today. Fourteen year old student posted a video on Snapchat that appear to show a weapon. So the school was locked down. That's when several students began receiving threatening text messages, so classes were. Cancelled just before eleven search the entire school every single room bathroom, everything, and they did not locate any suspects there sheriff's sergeant Ryan Abbott says the teen is still on the run learning. More about the murder of a man in his home in Renton last month. Prosecutors say Jeremy Shaw picked Stephen Morris randomly killed him then plan to squat on his property until it could make a claim for ownership. Shaw's charged with first degree murder, burglary, arson theft. His wife also faces charges of burglary, arson theft and rendering criminal assistance after hundreds of people packed a public meeting of the governor's orca task force this summer to federal agencies say they want to set the record straight when it comes to orcas, salmon and dams and the Puget Sound region. Komo's sue Romero report draft recommendations from the governor's southern resident killer whale task force was released last week in an effort to find ways to save are dwindling orca population among the fifty or so recommendations changes at damn operations on the lower. Snake and lower Columbia rivers that would benefit Chinook and other salmon but Kristen jewel with the Bonneville. Power administration says salmon stocks are already trending upward populations. The fake rubber stocks are now greater than they were in the nineteen sixties before the four lower state belt, some believe removing or breaching dams would also help, but the US army corps of engineers says they don't have the authority for either that would require an act.

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