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Cheryl Jones, Investigative Reporter discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Final segment with our investigative reporter Cheryl Jones will take your questions and your stories as well Cheryl you've been a meteorologist almost all your life are you seen a change in weather patterns I mean are they more extreme or are they about the same well there's a lot of debate over that and I don't know if you ever have the opportunity to see John Coleman present yes I sure did we have them on the show a long long time ago and yeah he you know he made a very I thought he made a very logical in a very sound case for for looking at in a different line that it is you know obviously you didn't think it is that what is being presented as being and it seems that everything seems to get into the hands of the the politics takes over and the you really wonder what the truth really is but I I just think that the the the weather weather patterns are cyclical and I think that I would tend to agree with with those who take that stands that things things happen in cycles yeah yeah who knows what's going to happen next because with the addition of chemicals in the air that one of your guests Dan Dane waiting ten was talking about to push we've been following this for a long long time to some people call and call them chemtrails but others say geo engineering but that that can have an effect too on the weather has this been going on a long time as well but yeah I I I I I would tend to think this is the cycles aren't really a very powerful force indeed yeah this is John Coleman who died last year of course he if you will is the co founder of the weather channel was Anne yes the ones that I met him he wasn't there when I worked at the weather channel he had gone on to other things that I did made him a couple years back before he passed away day in Atlanta at a reunion and had a chance and he was so nice I always really admired him and liked it a lot and I really thought this would he put together that presentation on on the climate change that that was pretty impressive let's go to calls from Cheryl Thomas in the high A. California together started the segment Tom go ahead hi George thank you for taking my call blessings to you the staff and of course blessings to the entire coast community very tight and Cheryl it's just I'm always eager to hear your investigative reporting every month thank you and I'm sure the coast audience thanks you also you know when Janice Carlson was speaking about communicating with the afterlife I believe you could do that anywhere at any time but I also think that there are special times and special places and I'm reminded of the words vision quest and another word builder match and I think in the past the far past people did it differently they went to temple sacred space of sacred mountains megalithic monument such as key support towers Stonehenge or the indigenous moans and North America and I think that they utilized the spiritual horsepower the momentum of the energies of those spots to communicate to break through to the other side such chance you know I'm reminded of the oracles sent Delphi Greeks here now as an example and that they utilized earth energy use such as war you wines and solar energy use such as you know the summer and winter solstice or the autumn and spring equinox to facilitate that spiritual horsepower to break through to the other side so to come to my question you seem to be an outdoors person Cheryl and I was wondering if you failed based on experience in the outdoors or of the sacred space sore conceived role or whatever that you're willing to share their so have a profound meaning to you and perhaps a profound connection with the universe and if you're willing to share their I would appreciate it well that's interesting I had not thought of it in that regard but I did grow up on a pretty large farms and their wives a lot of opportunity there to rail he he be close to nature shall we say so I've always felt that that background which yeah with that being on a farm which was totally self sufficient with their family and I was I was very involved in all of that I always felt that growing up like fans really help help in terms of my grounding and that maybe I end up a little differently from most people maybe I didn't but if I did I think it's probably because of my background and I it ended up being long before I was born the location of the that's pretty historic flood they came through the farm because there is a big big creek that ran through it and SO in the in days gone by it ended up really being quite a historic spot so I think growing up in that environment working in the fields as a young person as a child and really learning how to work and be responsible for everything myself I think that that was really a closeness to nature is that I don't think I could replace is something else and of course in that situation to with the flood that I mentioned there were many many people who died and it was on the very place that I grew up did you ever have a spiritual Tiffany Cheryl or something just in my head that aha moment yes I I have I have I've I've had situations happen then they're on there would be no expects the nation for someone call you know a paranormal I've had things Sam I've I've found things from my faster way that could not have been explains it is is to fly they were found in those positions so I've had I've had lots of things I've had Vester travel thank you only one time a yes only one time that was in Kansas city I have only one two I've never been able to duplicate it again it's not as easy as some of our of our cast say not that I've had I've had sleep paralysis a lot of sleep paralysis over the years fortunately not not a not that anything in a while that was not signed no not at all we take we take text and tweets Tom's got something for sure when you got time Hey Cheryl this is for you from Caroline in fort worth Texas she says please ask Cheryl why she thinks it is that some people get visits from deceased relatives and some never do I would never claim to be an expert on that or on anything really but I suppose in George's is is more of an expert than me on this but I would think it's because some people have that tune their awareness skills are more aware more receptive and more interested in it and as as the my guess Janice Carlson pointed out prepare for it and go to the external links to hopefully make it happen in a very safe and healthy way and I and I I think some people perhaps are born more intuitive than others it's genetic in some cases yeah I yes I I I would think so but I I think some of them just have a natural intuition and and a natural ability to you know to have that awareness and to make those connections but yet but I think you have to you have to hone and then you have to utilize it to make it work at its best what do you think George well I gotta tell you Cheryl it's it's it's a gift that a lot of people have but some people put a blocks and they can't utilize it they can't use it those people who have that ability can do some incredible things and I think those are the people who succeed in life and I don't mean success in terms of just money but in in things were their inner self is is very successful what's right you have to have a basic self confident I the I think that if you have a basic self confidence in you have a grounding of sorts that that serves you well in so many situations because you never know what you're going to end of fans and what what life is going to throw two years so I think if you if you believe in yourself and I think that goes goes a long way for your survival let's take another another few more calls Nancy in Minnesota east of the Rockies finance go ahead thank you I'd like to tell you about an experience that I had after my father died I went to the cemetery and as yet he stone was that up and I hate no I walked here or whatever to win but then I went to my grandmother's grave and I said grandma you know where I know you know where he is you know tell him that I was here and that I love him and I had a car that he either didn't work and it was bleeding out I was cold and yet much and just bear but next my I rolled the world out of a window to speak to my grandmother and the next thing my father's voice is clear as a bell wow came on and said yes keep keep tops the strong you've always been tough you've always been strong did you take heed with an answer what I didn't comparisons say that I did not you did not why not but but George this is this is a thank I also had a radio that did not work you wouldn't believe the song that came on I'd never heard it before in my life I am a great country and the song that came on was Daddy's hands go this is what I am giving you a message he works in strange ways Cheryl absolutely is that that happens to a lot of people that you think George that songs come on or music or the lyrics that means that have a meaning and they come on and as as if such opportune times never thought about you're thinking of somebody and they call you all the time yeah over time and as you said in your earlier peace with Janice as I say there are no coincidences no coincidences and things happen for a reason absolutely I came in once and this is sometime after my father passed away and he was a musician he paid a plate with Roy Acuff back in those days and so he was very talented and play days in the saddle and the guitar and I had his musical instruments in a certain place and along with this fiddler the violin there's a little piece of Verizon's issues to keep the fiddle string you know in good shape and it was always kept inside this little case and I came in and saw that little piece underneath the bed which was at the foot of the bed that that you would see when you first went to the room in the most visible spot there's no way you're I could miss it if you came in like that and so I kind of think that is a sign that he might be thinking of me so definitely things things strange things are very strange mark in Nebraska go ahead mark yeah hi there.

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Cheryl Jones, Investigative Reporter discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

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