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To denver teams. That played their first two games on the road week. One and week two on the road from twenty thirteen to twenty nineteen in week to those teams two and seventeen. Ats last year. No preseason no fans they were foreign oh. Ats which i think has a lot to do with it even if you wanna throw in last year. That's six and seventeen in week two. Who does that apply to denver. Minnesota san francisco and dallas. So the broncos had a great win defense look dominant. The jags just looked like absolute trash. Teddy bridgewater twenty two and three on the road. Ats it's insane It's not going to be pretty. You have the judy injury here. Back toback roadies for denver. Who's probably thinks they have an easy time of it. Look i don't think i'm going to bet it. But my guy in the circuit contest is trying to bet. Jags i said you. Only get jags or falcons. We're not doing both It'll be blood that vegas will be pulling for the jags. I'll tell you that you asked if we talk about this game and you know what i'm gonna let you have done all the talking because it's it's gross so we're gonna move on the vikings going to do. We're going to the vikings or three and a half point dog against the cardinals who may have been the most impressive team in the league in week. One total fifty and a half cuyler. Murray looked incredible the defense chandler jones with five sacks more three more sex than any one player at last week chantel jones more than doubled everybody else's individuals sack out. But is there too much hype around the cardinals after that win. Yeah where to chandler. Jones go to school. Is it something philly related. Nope it's the 'cuse my alma mater. Sarah okay that's better. That's better than that migrate. It's better do you have a in this game Do i have a better escape. No i don't. I don't have a in this game and the reason why is because i'm simply terrified of this line. Looks way too easy for the cardinals. I am a big anti kirk. Cousins guys generally speaking so while. I think that the vikings would be the right play given what this looks like. I am not doing it yet. Arizona's sort of the forgotten team in the nfc west. Right i mean they. They went one. Four teams went one. And now i mean they were super impressive but that game sorta got away from the titans quickly There was a blocks pined and then In dive into this more when we talk titans but look kylie. Mary was great chandler jones. Just eight taylor lewan for breakfast. Which is kind of wild You know what's he gonna do against the poorest vikings line this is back to back roads for them. You got denial hunter outside of that. You know what do you have. a lot of. People were high on the vikings. But you're right in a game where you need you're going to need kirk cousins to produce Not something. I would like to bet real dollars on this point. I liked bet. Fake dollars on it at this point in time it just seems it seems suspicious. It just seems suspicious. Which i understand is the farthest thing from a smart betting commentary. What doing sixteen games. Sometimes you need to just throw a couple of trash and say suspicious. And i'll say it if it looks too good to be true folks a lot of times it is and you'll learn this the hard way. Sometimes they give out public gifts. And you're like wow. That was easy vegas. What idiots but a lot of times. They dropped denver minus six and they might lose outright. We'll say also cliff kingsbury. He's a loser. Just a career loser. So he's hansen's is so handsome. Envy that but i don't envy being a loser all i guess i'm that too. Why digress falcon's twelve and a half point dogs taking on the buccaneers total fifty one and a half and the buccaneers. It wasn't pretty but they got the job done kind of weird game to evaluate because they just call the ball up so many times. Then of course the falcons played like hot garbage. This is a game where i would lean toward the over but i don't feel strongly about anything. What say you think over is a good bet because it first glance you know this one looks pretty easy right. I ran a pool We ran a poll on muss. Brose there earlier this week of the three double digit favorites which one is most likely to cover overwhelmingly. I think it was sixty percent bucks right so not to say that are are Ardent supporters are not sharp. But you know the bucks looks. Easy is my point and talking to a couple of people at the office this week. The biggest mush. I know at work is all over the box and I got a couple of things for you here. j. Look i think you're right about the over atlanta's going to have to score. And in the beginning of the eagles game it looked like a shootout. And then i don't know what happened. Arthur smith. Who like is supposed to be this guru like just kinda stop. I don't know what happened. But kyle pits like and they didn't get the ball. I don't know what happened. Yeah that was. My big thing was disappointing. Fits was because i've been talking about him for a rookie of the year all summer. They're going to have to score because it's not like they're gonna shut down. Tom brady right. So i think falcons and over is make sense. I don't think the number is off. I'm on. I'm going to be on the falcons. Probably it's not about were given out here. I'm sure we'll be on it in the circuit contest I don't think the numbers necessarily off. I make eleven point seven. It's the spot Since two thousand six division road dogs of twelve or more are forty five thirty and two for sixty percent. Sixteen point one percent away Dallas shredded this defense now. The dallas has more weapons and a better offensive line. Certainly than the falcons but murphy bunting injury. the secondary is big I think ridley can do some things there. There's a lot of familiarity between these two teams was which is why you see division. Dogs bark So look it's ugly. I'm gonna smash plus twelve and a half and be at the eagles game and maybe get an update here and there. And hopefully it's not a bloodbath. Yeah i i think in if it becomes a bloodbath you have the falcons chasing points as quickly as possible. So i think it's i has the potential to get ugly hope. It doesn't get too ugly. For your sake with the falcons so we have few games left here and we finally..

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