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Online dot com That's R O z. E. M s online, com Garden says is Brought you by Betty's Azalea Ranch and bear advance. It is the second half hour of Garden Sense. A special edition of Garden Since this morning, we joined in his own meeting of the James Madison Garden Club in King George Virginia. Fun group. It was a good time and the members there had a lot of questions for Eric, and we've been presenting a number of them this morning. Linda is next up, and Linda had several questions for Eric. I've got a Lovely, ornate, disingenuous magnolia that has scaled Magnolia scale so I need to put Oh spray that with dormant oil soon can you give me some tips on spring dormant oil? Dormant oil. How you got bombed. It's called All Seasons Spring coil. Look it up in the host. Do it on a day, but it's not gonna rain for at least about six hours. Don't do it in the evening when a good knife lodged Children every dry. And maybe even next week. You can have some dry days. Sunny days you could spray to going with oil and the easiest way to do it instead of mixing it get the one that you hook up to the host. I don't want to go to the oil and like the bone, I'd make shit Won't today make shit And it's all the same oil I only like if you spray they say you're gonna do you, Magnolia. And you could spend a lot of plans that like his daily stick. It lays books. You could spay. They're still but do not spray it on Japanese maples. Japanese maples do not like the dormant oil Nevertheless, you get sprayed on with anything. Does the temperature have to be a certain level to spray that? As long as you don't get crushed, but about 4 to 5 hours from it has together chance to dry out. As as soon as he's dry, it can get cold ordained again. That's fine. See what the oil does Goats. The scale. What any insect what any eggs and next, Lee smothers it. It is as long as you have been a time the foot of the dry up, carrying or get cold again. You could pay the only through trees. Do you like in the flu trees? I was sprayed the dorm a coil. And then there's another product that's called liquid cop. That's actually organic. Straight to the liquid cops. She'd adore McCall will take care of all the instruction the eggs and then the liquid cop. They will take out of any fungus that over windows, So you have a clean start in the spring. And so you could do. One day you could spray the door with all the next day we sprayed the liquid car liquid for the deep without the deal Liquid and then seop cop. And you could spay that also in any plans. I guess she'll like dog goes, can catch your fingers, even azaleas, peony anything they could get fungus beside the fruit trees by the liquid cop on him. When we meet in person, Eric, we try to have flower arrangements or decorative items. That too, a theme that specified. Can you recommend some cut flowers or are plants that we could grow? That would be good for flower arranging. Like genius. Good and you could use a haircut Flow's medicals. You can use the lilies. They're like Daylilies. And, uh, Carla Willis, you can use this cut flowers. And then the onus, real goods. She ponies one flower to deal. They're not gonna touch. Can you recommend a small tree as a replacement for a crape myrtle last year could take Silver bell,.

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