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That you know what that that role said that actress and I'm forgetting the actresses name. She won best actress for that film and then she never really worked. Again. It was similar to like she because she had gotten the stigma for the type of character. She'd been super typecast and then which is hard to find work. Those sorts of roles are like are not as vailable for women, but certainly not in that age, but she was like, she's fantastic. It's such a great performance. I just looked on match it. Yeah, and it was funny hurting Louise Fletcher. Yes, that sounds great to win an award and then just been go like, that's are we all working towards that to go away? I mean, I definitely want to go. This is very funny on the Wikipedia Wikipedia for her character, and it's as Eleusis big nurse, which I didn't know. But I haven't seen the movie on time or. I think I also in the book too. I think in the book they say, oh, fuck you. I'm raining species human, which I think is weird. Looking. Oh, this is work. Pedia affiliates boss Nass. Birthplace, Salem, Oregon, they have. They do have a lot of information on there someday. I'll. For sure. Someday I'll chief eunuch put a pillow over your head and then breakouts where my window off the hills. I think when you pick pick up your own sink it. So when you're going to have coronary. We'll be letting dead next. Fitting in. So let's get into this restaurant. 'cause there's a lot to discuss. And part of I wanted to discuss is that one reason you wanna talk about this chain is that you worked there, you are former employees of Johnny rockets. That's true. How did you get into the Johnny rockets game? And what was your your motivations? There was a mall across the street from my high school old orchard mall shout out to the nation's first outdoor mall. It's go. Cheol annoy is where it is at Ren center. All the new malls now are outdoors and they had a Johnny rockets. I've always been really obsessed with the fifties. I think it's like back to the future is my favorite movie going. So I think it just like liked that nostalgic feeling and so I applied for job there. Got it. And I worked there for the summer after senior year of high school, and I loved it. I was so happy. There was a great job. I had great managers, just I loved. I was really into the into the vibe. In the theme themed restaurants are big for me. I also worked at Hard Rock Cafe when I first moved out here, although I got fired before I made it to the floor, but I trained to work there at Hardrock cafe Hollywood Boulevard. But how do you get fired while you're getting trained? So we basically I got in on the ground floor before it had open, they train like a bunch of people. And then we had to do this big test where we had like people getting together doing flash cards working really hard to memorize all the menu items on the drinks. And I was ultimately just like, look, I'm going to get by on my performance. I'm like, I, I'm passionate about this, but I'm not gonna know all the details. I also have never drank alcohol. So for me, learning every ingredient in alcohol beverages, just learning new language. It's not happening. And so the day of the test, I just filled in a few things that I knew when I handed in, she's like to read. To re this test. I'm like, I can't have two shows this week and I have to leave. If you leave, you're going to be whatever she said promoted to guest or some shit. And I was like, okay, I have to do stand up. I'm not gonna stay voted guest. Yeah, they had some kind of like nasty, passive, aggressive lingo. Oh, if you're fired, you're promoted. Shitty. Yeah, so, but anyways, the star of the show, here's Johnny rockets. That's why worked very happy and accept. Got my boyfriend job there. And then he broke up with me, so then I quit. But that's that's also shit. Did you work there for a while? You know what happened? He stayed there until he went off to college after. Yeah, so he stayed there like a month after me. But yeah, I guess I just wasn't cut out for the restaurant business. Did he break up with you've been promoted to act..

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