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It's five thirty five the Iowa caucuses are tomorrow after spending a week in Washington I had planned to be here all week in Iowa but instead I duty called the U. S. senators running for president tried their best to make up for lost time from the bottom of my heart and very homely I am here to ask you to please come out in court this for us that is CBS is Nicole Killian reporting I'm Jim Krystle in fort Dodge Iowa likely caucus goer Paula Buckman hopes voters decide on a middle of the road candidate I'd certainly hoping that tell we can see at a moderate Democrat get the nomination because I think that's what it will take to pull some of those votes from independent builders Bachmann says Hawkeye state Democrats are United in their goal of making sure president Donald Trump is not reelected Jim chrysalis CBS news fort Dodge Iowa we're finally new information this morning on how Rudy guiliani has mixed personal business and political interests with his role as attorney for president trump The New York Times reports when guiliani met with a top aide to Ukraine's president last summer he requested that the mayor of Key eve keep his job mayor Vitali Klitschko a long time friend and former client of guiliani's he was on the verge of being fired at the time the cabinet of Ukraine's president did approve the mayor is removal but despite that he remains in office today president trump is getting set to deliver his state of the union address Tuesday night it comes as the U. S. Senate inches closer to acquitting him in the impeachment trial CBS is banned Tracy that final.

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