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Hi lindsay vonnie I was just listening and you were talking about Beca franz acts in. I have a question as on even really related to her by you from something. Like she's a beautiful woman they'll be in scrim model but i'm curious if you guys define or differentiate different j. the difference between An influence there a creator and are they all the same. Is there diagram between when it's my brain broken all right thanks father son and house across and cisco okay great. Call this colors asking us to explain the difference between an influence her a creator and instagram model. Yeah i think there is a diagram. And i think it is influence. Her is in the middle okay. Right influencers overlaps with insignia model and creator. I mean i think anyone could call themselves. Anything and i'm sure instagram models have called themselves creators. All the time because it almost feels like more of like a of a you know more valuable title but you're writing in like an instagram model versus a quote unquote real model. And that line is blurry because a lot of instagram models would get hired for real modeling jobs because they're are popular and instagram and instagram's a very powerful marketing tool but it instagram model is just somebody posting like modeling shots on instagram. Every day. whether that's like you know hot bikini shots or fashion shots you know living off of it. Yeah yeah of course. They're modeling their modeling. Pre little thing or boohoo or whatever the product is. I don't need to go in america's top model and get a contract with elite model management or whatever and get photos by nigel. Barker noted fashion photographer nigel. I could do this all on my instagram. It's like taking taking the industry back in a way. But i think the goal is to do more than that into real modeling as well so that it's like. I'm just a model but i use instagram inroad. Determine instagram model is almost a kind of looking down turn. the are real models on women. Who are men who make their their money on mostly on instagram and from their followers she now yeah and i think the only reason term creator exists is because there's always some new like social media format right like is it videos. Is it photos. Is it like what are you even call a tick tock. It's just like you call yourself a creator because it's just a catch. Aw it sounds good and not only does it sound good. It's like it. sounds like what it is. It's tool that works from like a self. Promotional standpoint is a title that makes sense to people when they hear it. It's just vague enough. And it's just explicit enough. I think creator also implies you're monetize your work on social media totally well also it's like there's a difference between like because anyone can use these platforms. They have to distinguish themselves from like your eyes. So if like the somebody was on instagram professionally. I calling them an instagram. Or is not quite correct. Because i'm also an instagram. I make instagram so to you or like. I'm also you could also be a youtuber but the people who you know you see that who have big audiences and make the do this for a living like the there is a little and also i think youtube itself by calling they call the youtubers creators. They have like a creator's project in like a creature studio. And i think they kind of like pushed that term on the group of youtubers. Who make youtube. Are that make money. That are above the average. You normal person on youtube yeah. The term creator does a lot of work at like legitimizes an entire industry. My question to you is. Are we creators. Because we create a product that has like shared that we make a living off that is sent out on a in a digital environment like. We're technically creators. i think creators like the the word when there is no other word and unfortunately there is a word in his podcast. Her you name mean. That's the answer while. What a conversation. Next lindsey bobby who is cinco walls. Just finish watching results. Love not to be confused with falling in love by christina milian movies on net flicks where she's the main character in. She falls for blading man. Resort love is far superior to falling in love. She sings she has the most incredible voice. Focus on that. Forget about the bakery. They've been yays who says she should only sing. And so we went on our who is cinco walls who is he. He's very just sexy. Great active what. Honk women do belong. A bylanes scraper for shana. He is a hobby for sooner. And we know this because we watch resort to love for the patriots. So if you want to hear go long on the resort to love as well as go long on other things like the movie pay egg. That just came out and the trailer for a house of gucci. We go along on as well as the trailer for the final duel. You should go check out our instagram and sign up and we so much fun there the latte what did i say. The final duel. Oh okay you know what i'm saying. It's the same thing but you should go sign up for a patriot. If you wanna hear like us go long on that but we will talk about this guy because he is really hot. Not only disrespect netflix movies. But it's like okay someone's in a net flicks rom com like who cares. You don't see us out here talking about. He's all that we're not gonna talk about the he's all that trailer and like sectors and they're not no no not that we're not executive decision. No we probably shed but we're not. It looks like grappo. we don't need to give out us in ray more time on our creek on our digital creation..

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