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Morning. It's five o'clock. You're listening. Arizona's morning news. Good morning. It is by the way, unless you're southbound on the ice seventeen right around northern that's closed while details on that coming up. But first the president is giving the green light for soldiers to possibly take violent measures at the border, some people call it, an invasion. It's like an invasion. It is our top story. And here's Jamie, west KTAR is on immigration. President Trump has told the military if illegal immigrants attacked them with rocks. They can use their weapons to fire back the explanation live from KTAR Jim cross dreamy. President Trump says he plans to crack down on immigrants and asylum-seekers crossing the border by law. The troops only supposed to provide logistical support for the border patrol. But the president said troops could fire back self-defensive any of the migrants. Throw rocks at them again at the border. They wanna throw rocks at our military. Our military fights back. We're gonna considered I tell them considered a rifle. Meanwhile, the president says he plans to sign an order next week that could lead to large-scale detention of migraine. That's crossing the southern border and bar anyone caught crossing illegally from claiming asylum. Live the news center, Jim cross KTAR news. Meanwhile, about those troops heading to Arizona's border governor Ducey says he's getting some information about US troops coming here. Details were not finalized. We're talking with the White House in Luke air force base in Davis Mountain on a daily basis as I have details. We'll share them with you. Do see would not say we're troops are going or what they will be doing on the border after the White House announced the fifteen thousand troops would be dispatched to the border region. As a migrant caravan continues moving through Mexico, Mark Carlson, KTAR.

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