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Absolutely yeah i mean you saw you saw when michigan was down to loyal so people who don't know who maybe don't fall college basketball at providence basketball how did you get into coach you start as a high school teacher yeah yeah so i was very fortunate and my wife who is an incredible individual rate woman was a police officer in providence mounted command i was a high school teacher and i was a volunteer since met umass dartmouth that's how i got into coaching i always thought i wanted to be a college coach distant no the business of it and many individuals want to coach but the business of is different from the coaching side of and what do you mean by that recruiting is is something coaching the business part of it is totally different than what people think so there's a lot of stuff that's not just xs and os at there that might be it might be challenging for somebody that doesn't have that's that discipline that can schedule out there day plan recruiting trips in advance that sort of thing you give a great example of that because it's not about xs and os is all about developing relationships recruiting relationships coaching is relationships within your team so you gotta do a good job upon that so when i left teaching and went into division three then i went to stone ho college of which i graduated from of which i'm very appreciative of them giving me a scholarship and then earning a scholarship and then going to as a restricted earnings quotes at university rhode island coach skinner.

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