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I was like I wonder how he feels about elf in retrospect kind of like the way viola Davis said like she feels conflicted about the help. And you know, something like that. I was always like I wonder if he if he I mean, he does get to be strong and kick will Farrell's ass. So. Yeah. I mean, I I regret everything I said yesterday. So I'm sure like people who've done things, you know, from the early two thousands. They might do it differently today. It's just yeah. That I mean, I was in some movies in the early two thousands that. Yeah. So I understand I'm kidding. I had a great time making them, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Explanation. I did it's true. I did even if I wasn't on the always the best movies. But yeah, anyway, go on. But I don't know that moment just like it is so bizarre because most of the quote, unquote, misunderstandings that buddy has in the real world are usually pretty innocent. And you know, it's not always the greatest joke of your life. But you're like, he don't understand how doors work he crazy, man. And then all of a sudden it's like, but what if he did this very offensive thing? But we still love him so much and it just such. It was just a strange toys, especially like that role was written specifically as and cast a little person. It's not a little person just who can exist in the world as a person that role was written. So that he could then be made fun of. So I mean and Peter negligence have been in many other movies where that's not the case. So that's good. But for this movie, that's the scenario, and it's you know. Not the best. Hope his residuals are good. They are because as I told you Christmas movie. They pay love it. Any other thoughts? There is a really good cast in this movie. Like, that's the thing. There's a lot of really good actors. And I forgot that Amy sedaris was in it and she's one of my strangers with candy. I don't know if anyone it. But that's like one of the ever phenomenal in it. But too bad that she gets maybe a minute and thirty seconds of screen time. Like, she hardly has any bearing on the store. She said think she's like the one woman working at the office there. Yeah. There's two women. There's like a woman that he compliments wearing a Pro Bowl dress wearing a purple dress. Yes. But yeah, she's she's one of two women than working that office, which I mean that is not true publishing. I've got to tell you you go to publishing, and it's like I love going to buy publisher's office because it was just like a bunch of like short women in like sweaters that were just covered in cat and dog hair. I was just like I love you guys. You are my people. Especially children's publishing. Yeah. Like, why was this? I did appreciate seeing an older white male character who was just blatantly horrible at his job and should have been fired. Like, we don't very frequently get to see mediocrity. I'm full display and. But it's not acknowledge exactly they're like, of course, he has this job, my favorite tropes ever is the story within the story. And everybody's like, wow. This is the most amazing thing ever where people will be like this story or this movie's just fantastic. And it's like, of course, the author wrote them both. You know, like like everybody's just so into the story. So I do I do kind of find a funny that it's like, you know, he made millions with buddy the elf the book, which is which is such a great story wash movie about it. Go see a musical or musical about it. Well, let's take some questions or comments from the audience. If we've got any. Yeah, come down. So you can be on the Mike. I'm curious to hear you guys..

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