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And I think what we're finally starting to see in this roster is kind of a cohesion with each other and understanding great teams have great players, yes, and role players. But the key is more so understanding when it's your turn to step up. And we're going to talk about this on my down team. Some teams when you're struggling, they don't have that ability, like one player starts to struggle. Then the next one, the next one, the next one, and it's just this down her downhill spiral. And what we're seeing with the Dallas wings is that flow of a good team and almost maybe even a great team where when one player is struggling, somebody else steps up to the plate until that player, that's superstar or rique. Satu, whoever it is, can get back in the rhythm and then normally, yeah, when the shot clock's ticking down, you go to the superstar, but right now this team has so many superstars. No, I think you completely nailed it. And this is something I've been thinking a lot about early this season as well. It was something I was a little critical of regarding Vicki Johnson's first year as head coach of the wings, which was that they have so much young talent, kind of like we're talking about Indiana does this season, but for the last couple years, Dallas has just been gathering draft picks and stockpiling them and then just has all these players to the point where you've got, you know, Chelsea Dungey was a top 5 pick who never even played in factored into their plans at all. They just have so many players that something I was critical of Johnson last year was, you know, that they don't really have a set rotation night tonight. They don't know who is going to be getting the minutes. And I gotta admit complete defeat on this one right now because I mean, it's going in the complete opposite direction where everyone is playing so hard for Vicki and she's just pushing all the right buttons in terms of knowing who they need to provide that spark at the given moment because they have so many capable players on this team third and offensive rating right now. Third best offense in the league and I think Marina mabry as you mentioned is the is has been by far the most impactful offensive player right now. I mean, she's shooting over 52% from the field, which is just so impressive for a guard, arike, who, you know, I think has really made some strides so far this year. She's still shooting 37% from the field. That's still the biggest problem with her game is that she's a chucker and a lot of the shots aren't falling. With Marina, it's like she's taking these shots and she's hitting them. And then the other player I really want to mention that I think might be the most important player for this team and really has been for the past few years. You could make a case it's Izzy Harris and I love Disney Harrison. But for me, it's Alicia gray. The fact that this team is hanging around the middle of the pack in defensive rating, to me, is almost more impressive than them being near the top in offense. This team needs to grind on defense. They need to limit opponents getting to the rim getting open threes, getting to the foul line, and Alicia gray is a one person wrecking crew. I mean, she is unbelievable. Her ability to block shots as a guard and not a particularly big one at that, her speed the way that she'll get deflections and kind of turn defense as cliche as it sounds into offensive opportunities and transition and then of course she's a dynamic offensive player as well can knock down threes can get to the rim. She's just, she's kind of holding this team together. So as much as Marina deserves all of the credit and so many other players on this team who are contributing, I think without Alicia gray, it's not feeling as good as it does right now for Dallas. Yeah, no, I completely agree. I think everybody's really putting their I don't even know what the term is. Everybody's putting in a little bit to make it a team effort. There's some saying there. There's whatever. Shameless plug. This week, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, June 1st, June 2nd, and June 3rd, one cider, the whole insider team. We're going to be hosting playback. It's basically watch party for the WNBA, it takes two seconds to download the playback program or sign into the program. The link is on.

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