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Caught offside with andrew gumming and jj caught offside from beautiful caught offside towers on the upper west side of manhattan and from an apartment in brooklyn new york andrew gun ling and j. j. davani what's up other. It's a it's a beautiful apartment you've been in it. I love your apartment. The only problem is that it's also inhabited by a cat which i'm allergic to nothing against cats. It's hard for me to be in there for an extended period of time before i started to sneeze and my eyes water and i get. It's just. it's not a pleasant experience. You spent a whole party or maybe even two christmas parties in here with cash. That's true. And i even fine even spent more. I wasn't fine. You know what i was like. It's not easy. Nope but i even. I even spent more time there than most guests as i arrived promptly right at eight o'clock the objection the objection to you wasn't that You know ono here comes. Andrew got a problem with the cat. It's that most of the people you met at the parody phones. You quite distasteful. I don't remember that being the case. All i made a lot of friends there. It's true lot of weekends. What a weekend andre. yeah. I know it really was and i wanted to start. Jj with a tweet. That i got so you. You texted me before liverpool manchester city. We're gonna talk about all these games. Of course well really. We're gonna kinda focus on the top of the table because we're at the second international break and the top of the table has been just as compelling as i think. We predicted it to be before the season. Maybe even more so. And so i kind of want to go a little bit deep on. How things are shaping up so far little did i know. Mark ogden is of similar minds. I saw at espn fc. One of the lead. Story's de lead story. Today was kind of a similar. Look at how top six affairs up to this point so we're gonna do that And you shortly before liverpool. Manchester city kicked off. As i am often to do you. Dvr the game. And you texted me. Because i guess you can watch it live and he said. Hey i'm dvr ing no spoilers please. So yeah fair enough. We've i've been there. Certainly i i i live by that And so i get it so yes of course not and then you took to twitter tweeted that as if you like expected no one on twitter to tweet about the biggest game of the weekend attention everyone on this app. No one talk about this game. Because i'm dvr in it but so the funny thing was though after that happened. I wasn't even thinking about this. So debrecen a scores. The equalizer late in the game and it didn't even dawn on me but one of our listeners. Who is now. Maybe my favorite listener at missile romero. He tweeted this to me. He said please at a gun ling text. Jj that kgb has been raptured heaven. it's a perfect full circle moment Sometimes our listeners. Remember more about this show than we do what was that. It was mentioned. Was it meant city tottenham. And i taught say you d. I texted you and i said on. Dvr in this game. Please don't say anything. And so you said yeah. Of course i won't and then a little while later. I get a text message from you saying i can't help it kevin. Brian has been raptured into heaven. I know you absolute you bald faced liar. You absolute bald-faced later. I didn't say i can't help it. I i gave who absurdist scenarios to things that didn't happen but innovate. He scored a goal. You would only text me that if he did something unbelievable and he scored a goal angeles day. I don't know why you felt compelled to do that. And you're getting into heaven is a is a moment of beauty. Why did you feel the need to say anything. I should have. I shied away that he was raptured into heaven. You're you're biblical study at thing of beauty. I i really don't want to go down this road. Heavens people some people will be raptured to heaven leaving the other nonbelievers to toil in the fires of hell on earth but at the same talking all means the same thing that kevin lebron's did something spectacular. You would only that to me if he had done something. Incredible i after i had told you. No spoilers missile. Romero's right i was. I should've texted that to you when he scored that goal. I'm mad that i missed opportunity. Well you know what domi it wouldn't have mattered anyway. 'cause i turned off all my notifications everything. I was coaching. And so the game clashed with it. And i made a commitment to this team. So we're going to want to coach this game. My friend was going to record it. And we're gonna play it on the fifty five inch screen back at the club afterwards. I warned everyone in my text lists. Don't text me just in case. Somehow the irs app didn't work and something slipped through the net. I make sure nobody could get in contact with me if my apartment was on fire if my cat my aforementioned cat had decided to run for congress i wouldn't have known about it because i had everything off my phone. I was just coaching and i went. So it wouldn't have worked your mean-spirited holy by the way. I mean spirited things that i've never actually done versus you who have done it multiple times. But yeah. I mean spirited okay. Let's move on. Let's stop the bickering and move onto what was a wonderful heavenly performance straight from The best possible images of paradise the rapture. Oh man it really it might be. It's funny liverpool. If i were ranking games of the season as i contemplate the fundings at the end of the year liverpool might have the first and second best game so far this year between this one and the one they just played against brentford. Yes i agree with you and By the way another I know this is off topic a bit nother great weekend for old brentford. yeah In the derby against west ham. This was a brilliant game. we should've probably qualify it city Were the main protagonist in the first. Half and didn't take any chances. All kind of back and forth happened in the second half so it was probably the best forty five minutes Of the season so far it was so good it was it was it was high level staff..

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