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A one goal game. Mcdonagh by the lightning net. Couldn't quite clear holding Yosi. We had tears open in front. The pastors went off his stick inscribed though by Ryan Hartman of the right circle. Harmon punches across as UC steps up circle back to Ryan Hartman, right corner. Some pushback from the feds on the shift after the coup drop-goal Yanni, Gordon, the near corner battles to try and keep it alive, which he does for Slater Kuku buying the lightning net who stops in the far corner. A couple of predators coming in on him. And he turns it over to tourists left circle the forwards and left the zone early. I haven't had may gets checked by mcdonagh. What a big play. Mcdonagh needs to get a clear here. The nearside corn touches to center ice sports early possible. I love point I'll punch it behind. It is three to to Nashville. Here's your little break. Smith, etc. Us Jack J T Miller. Sweep it for headman the lightning in. The middle Miller. DT Miller makes his way out to center across the Nashville. I know you got checked what back for headman in the lighting it the right side. It's chipping kucherov crossed. The Glenn writes circle who dropped was cross ISIS out of the reach of headman and Craig Smith academy be a two on one across the balloon right circle dot disrupted by headmen. He kinda got in the way of Smith's shot the puck slides and harmlessly on demand covers three to predators with fifteen thirteen remaining. Big back checking effort from Victor Hedman who kinda got caught. As the lighting turned the puck over, and he doesn't nice job at getting back and making sure he gets that long. Reach gets a stick. On that shot or it could have been bad news is Craig Smith has some speed in a lane to the net. There Girardi is. Okay. Back on the ice after blocking that shot earlier in the period, citizens and Johnson to the left of damning. Won cleanly by citizens Weber right point shoot blocked in front by Ernie broke his stick in the process. It's a lie for Weber Ray corner Antic Weber up went potato. Right point Yannick, Weber pass missed potato grabbing Watson left corner cetera being on net. Save made by Louis demand. Callahan will exit to center Ernie must have just dropped his stick broken and has the stick back. Vallon don't sedan Johnson wins right circle right corner. For Kellyanne jacked. Austin Watson, spins it out to Benin, etc. To onto Nick Benito. Cuts his way cross ice across the line, right circle. Ranaldo poke from Sergiyev Sergeyev steals it and looks to counter the kill of three and three to the red line drops it for Johnson dangerous path Johnson at a man on him citizens. But he hurries the time the national debt renamed strip by Yanni gaurd were trying to center it Rini got back into the crease bounces Joseph bright point now, Brandon Coburn left circle. Covert shoots. Made by Rina off the save it deflects out of play fourteen. Twelve Wachtel any came close thereafter Rena was dispossessed of the puck behind his own net. Three to prince. We can't surrogate have kind of recognized right away wants to rally got it and put it in front. He hammered it. But it just went wide of the net. But good efforts by the lightning on that ship. Pretty good zone. Entry. Terrorists and lead to the right arena. False start serenity is thrown out even though both gored in cold stepped in the circle Orleans. So Gordon tourists take it. It's one by Nashville at rips at around the far side it's out of his own. Kooky knocks it down. What's the slip? It for Joseph that didn't quite work. Yanni fouls up though for Jason cross. Sara Lee high slot. Torelli shoots made by Lena. Internet is off. As gourd and the Nashville defender, I think it was echoed sleet in arena. We'll get a break here. Three to praise in the third and lightning radio. And is here and nothing goes better with hockey than a nice cold shadow Viagra? The official shed on the Tampa Bay Lightning younger, Meister and hockey are the perfect combination. Because the perfect ice cold shot served at precisely negative eighteen degrees celsius Cola's ice. There's nothing like a shot of ice cold Meister, the official shed on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Three thirty five percent, alcohol volume by master muster US, White Plains New NHL NHL team marks the property of the NHL and his teams Wendy's has an all new me at Wendy's. Good because Wendy's at the new bacon cheeseburger in it's called me at bacon. But what if I told you Wendy's kept going to the smoky Tangy sauce, and it's called the sauce bay? You had me at saw some. It's called the sauce and bacon..

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