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Which is which is a lot for me so we're GONNA cover a little bit of what's What's been happening in the world of Blizzard? Recently going to cover some things happen with Rockstar Games Bethesda. Ea and then we're going to roll into Logan's terrifying story. Oh Yes oh yeah. I almost forgot to mention. We got a guest host on the show today. You just call me friend Karen. I'm Erin Join US today. Got Our buddy Aaron with us. Aaron how you doing today good My name is Beta. Tester I Beta tested rage to in told it software that it fucking sucked right to their face and they haven't invited me back since so that's my qualifications that bring me onto this podcast today. Solid solid qualifications. I love and we did a double check this before. We invited him on. Yeah we have standards true. I contacted the company themselves and they said WHO's that and I hung up because you know they. They completely forgot about they were so angry about it. I called but once they said hello. I hung up very nervous very scares me. Human human interaction scares me this. Why do podcast so I do a podcast of my van? I can't I can't be under a roof with anyone else while talking so with blizzard. I don't know I'm sure since you know the hundreds of thousands of people who listen to podcast all of your gamers. All of you had to have heard of warcraft. Three forged the absolute travesty. That happened with that. I call it a travesty Yeah it was a travesty sucks. What happened those unfamiliar warcraft? Three reforge is essentially like a it's like an HD remake of warcraft three there. There's a lot happening with it right now as we speak. It's cut a metacritic score of zero point five stars which is the lowest you can go get go any lower than that at almost thirty thousand ratings right now. It's it's probably sitting at Twenty eight or twenty nine thousand. It's insane what what is going on with this game. You go through you go through the comments you or not comments you go through the reviews and you see people talking about the just the outrageous amount of bugs. You Look Online. You see the cut the cut scenes. Ui improvements that were promised or not delivered the removal of like fan favourite features. Aaron were you able to find anything specific anyone talking about that yet so on the metacritic user by the name of Stab in the soul left zero rating with the following review in his review. Actually really detailed some really good stuff. He broke down a what they took out in what they no longer have. They said they no has no clans. No profiles can no longer have more than one account no more custom campaign functionality no more built in tournament functionality no more land functionality no more off game versus the AI. No more cross chat with D. Two players which is the ability to players know more slash commands remove the Franz Liszt removed custom game filter. No women are system. No custom key. Bonds cut all promised new cut scenes. Cut Off Dude. It's a long lake on. Hold on hold on hold on so would you say they cut out cross chat with d? Two is it specifically only with D. Two or all other games. I think it was just why the film I remember. I remember being able to be in D. Two Games. Go into like a specific channel. And you'd see like the little starcraft people down at the bottom and you can talk with them. While they were in in warcraft. Yep so they were just like the community is a little too toxic for what we're trying to do this game. I don't want to he overwatch. Three keep.

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