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From his mouth you know he said he did nothing but treat that individual like if it was a family member and you'll hear more and more stories as this develops and despite those efforts were probably going to come out with a sad outcome for many in our communities so once again thank you for covering us thank you for being here and police i ask that you do you know that you please cooperate with us and not release information unless it's coming from us so that we know that victims families have been notified mark rosenberg i'm president of fau on behalf of the entire are you community i want to express our condolences to all those family members sons and daughters loved ones involved our prayers our thoughts are with you i want you all to know that this bridge five days ago we were celebrating that it was in the process of being erected this bridge was about collaboration was about hope was about opportunity it was about determination bridge was about strength and unity about being good neighbours with the city of sweetwater bridge was about goodness not sadness now we're feeling immense sadness uncontrollable sadness and our hearts go out to all those affected their friends and their families we're committed to assist in all efforts necessary and our hope is that the sadness can galvanize the entire community to stay the course of course of goodness of hope of opportunity i want to thank the first responders for heroically stepping right in i want to thank all of those who have tempted to be here this this evening to help people in this very very sad situation i now ask the mayor of sweetwater orlando lopez to speak good evening everyone as president rosenberg was saying just last saturday we are actually celebrating the erection and the movement of the bridge over southwest eighth street which was the focal point of the beginning of a transformation where this bridge was going to provide a safe transportation for pedestrians to cross between the university in the city of sweetwater as president was saying this is all about safety and today we are here speaking to you all about eve very tragic event with the collapse of the bridge at one forty eight pm a local resident business owner.

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