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There. You know desk best. That's just how it is. And what i've known about seven years you play seven ping pong. Go smoke you plan golf. He smoke you plan to pick up basketball regardless of what would you want to say how he looked he goes smoking. His is like a natural all around athlete. So you like dying seven okay you. You could have been all american basketball player. You just chose football. I can't say that about a lot of other quarterbacks you know in the nfl so savvy in price themselves on being very competitive now to get back on what you said unbelievable like this. You said well first of all. Let's let's be specific just for a second so you said if he wants if he likes you. You're in so. I mean la. I've never heard that. So ben would go to. Calvin colbert mike and say i like this. I mean even draft free agent stuff now is wash your team you on the t. Now you got for him he. He's not a part of the draft in the personnel part. Once you wanna team he feel like you're capable of helping helping the team in himselves. We got actually on wash once. He feels like you might be a problem. Is going to be a little bit. How're you know what i'm saying. So yeah and that's what i mean. He's he's not into the drafting. 'cause that's about kevin cove. I felt like. He's a future hall of fame. Ozzy notion you know what i'm saying. Once he once he writes but seven is okay. If you're not going to be assistant if you're not gonna come in like me if you ain't gonna put into work like me we gotta You know in a mop personal opinion is all off of the competitive of seven. Seven could've played a lot of difference for scholar. A lot accused at about two quarterbacks in the league embiid very successful. and how is your relationship with band. Did you stay mostly on his good side. Shuffleboard champion in the locker room. Talk be talking talking about bid. I'm just looking at it. Probably how you looking at it. So i'm looking at it from a standpoint. Okay you gotta young. Afc north would three youngsters. Joe bar rope a lamar jackson in baker mayfield. If we can't go on to win a championship right now. With seven at him is going to be even harder once you find his successor successor because of the experience alamar half a former. Mvp experience as you can see what baker mayfield not. He got a good gm in head coach. The experience you would have with joe borough in what he possibly could do if he stay healthy. That's looking at it from gentlemen's standpoint. Do you think do you ever worry about. We're not the nba here dude. You got play hard every week. Do you ever worry a little bit about that. That the the physicality diminished a little. No because that's the rules that have changed with the head ups in nfl. You know what. I'm saying so we just as players either. You adjust your to be the league asep if me ryan clark choi model of chris. Casey hilarious James harrison james farrior if all lust was planning right now the way replay. We'll probably be in the league for three years because we they probably would've took all that money and we would have got suspended for six to eight games that along the suspension. That's just what it is. You know what. I'm saying so with a concussion protocol. They change it for us. It was hit the head of the body of follow for these guys. You got a league which showed so as a player you just have to adjust. Not because you really want to. That's the way the. Nfl is going right now. Did you ever feel as a steeler intimidated offensive players to come. You could fuck around us man you as so as as soon as a player or a coach or office coordinator saying we had to be physical against the pittsburgh steelers We already knew we want because that might not have been y'all personality. We knew that we knew that's all not personality was smashed faces in. We used to call it facetime in back in the day and we used to call it catching the bike. Who can be the first to catch a body. You know what i'm saying so for us. We looked at much. I'm calling like so. You mean to tell me i can take the soul out of another man physical wires and not go to jail. So that's exactly what ought without personality was but did we got it off of the greats. the seventy steelers the major green. When he was in the front office he's still stores the rocky bleier the male blunts the list wind for franco's guys used to play hurt and then give f- about who was playing all about them so that just triggered us to to try to replicate would old school guys over at a little excitement your sports watching experience by betting on all the action on the vandals sportsbook. There's a reason. Why fans america's number one sportsbook. The app is really simple to use. Use it every day. Great odds all different betting markets. Fun bet types. Like same game parlay. 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