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Is that we had become friendly is maybe too strong a word but tony blair obviously had gone to libya and established a relationship with colonel gadhafi our whole whole relationship with that country changed and under suspicion at the time was that that we were doing him a favor well whatever i think that is correct but this was an illegal act was illegal rendition and i think there are grounds to believe and maybe the attorney general will set this out in parliament today that the intelligence services were rather less legally constrained there's an organization then and it was in the aftermath of nine eleven than they are today who we know it wouldn't happen again today i think it was pretty clear and obviously i haven't sat on the national security council for four or five years it's pretty clear that there is a very different regime in place today and that political control which was very much more difficult in those days is much stronger today and should he get compensation he hasn't also millions or anything he's asked for one pound my understanding is that mr bell hatch is always been clear that what he wants is an apology from the british government and i understand that his wife and indeed that child will be in the gallery of the hustle commons i hope that today the british government on behalf of us all will make a clean breast of this is a completely unacceptable use of torture in which british war britain was complicit i hope the house commons will hear the full details today and that mr bell has and his wife will receive a full apology from the british government but do you say the british government the problem is that the the people who were in in in number ten then and and in the foreign office or not then do you want to hear something from tony blair from.

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